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Created 12 Oct, 2022 14:27 by TeddyWestside

Linked files:
Need for Speed - Underground (USA)
RA Hash: 97615120b54d9ce511cb930687505c77

Need for Speed - Underground (USA) 60FPS Patch
RA Hash: b51304623192e7820237ccba55917856 

The 60FPS patch can be found here and can be applied to the base version (USA) using xdelta or a similar patching program. Thanks to amine456 for providing the patch!


For Underground mode, if you do not do the tournaments on hard, they cannot be replayed after completing without restarting the whole mode. So, they are all missable.

Some of the magazines are technically missable too, like the drift track record. You have each of the drift events to do it, but at the end of Underground mode you are locked out, so will need to restart if you missed them. Same for installing all level 1, 2, 3 parts etc.

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October 23 2022, 3:53pm

friends help to configure pcsx2 for weak pc. this is a laptop, i3, 6gb ram, geforce 720m. in NFSU i have 14fps

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October 23 2022, 3:54pm

it's just unrealistic to play, but I really want to

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October 23 2022, 3:55pm

maybe there is a theme with settings on RA?

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Something is not right with this set, I'm using PCSX2 Core on Retroarch and some reason its saying it doesnt work with this core.... but i dont think there another core are there

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These achievements are incompatible with the PAL version of the game, which really disappoints me, as that's the only one that I own.

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@SomeGuy2019 achievements only work with the standalone Qt version of PCSX2.

@Jack5 The USA version is the only linked ROM for now, check "Linked Hashes"

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@Gangstabittt Try changing the renderer in PCSX2 > Settings > Graphics > Renderer and drop down the scroll curtain. You will find alternative renderers there. I had the same issue.

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Can you please add PAL Version Hash? Thank you <3


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June 12 2023, 1:56pm

The icon has been outvoted and replaced, here is a backup:

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Unfortunately PCSX2's built in widescreen patcher does not currently work with the 60 FPS patched iso... It's a shame, does anyone know how to get 60fps and widescreen to work simultaneously? Perhaps a separate iso and hash for a 60fps widescreen version.

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Hey guys, need some help, when I run the iso from redump the game is in german, any way to put it on english?

Update: Nevermind, just needed to select the right BIOS

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how to apply this 60fps? this .xdelta, where does this file need to be placed?
I have usa version.chd

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