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Created 28 Jun, 2015 06:45 by gcah2006

1. M.C. Kids (USA).nes
M.C Kids (U) [!].nes
M.C. Kids (1992-02)(Virgin Interactive)(US).nes
V14- RA Checksum: 81360f1a8e8ca05b20bf013cfd333771
V15+ RA Checksum: dcb0189c89afd03faa55fcac485d4029
ROM Checksum: 67e373178f3d8d1cce91e78d595e5245
CRC32 Checksum: 9A78FB49

Plus 2 unique ROM Checksum variations with the same V14- RA Checksum (4 total)
M.C Kids (U) {[b1], [o1]}
M.C. Kids (1992-02)(Virgin Interactive)(US){, [h Vimm][iNES title]}


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January 22 2017, 4:48am

Does anyone know which ROM you are supposed to use? I used the ! one and have experienced some bugs during a play through in which I beat the game:

-What are these for anyway? (collect 99 arches) - awarded at start of game

-The Big Cheese (beat the game) -seemingly awarded randomly sometime during CosMc's level

-The Intersteallar Surfer and The Lone Jogger - both have the same description (Beat CosMic's retreat). Since Lone Jogger has a picture of Hamburgerler, I am guessing that it is supposed to say beat Hamburgerler's level. However, I did not get it upon beating it (and the game along with it)


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January 22 2017, 2:11pm

I guess it's because it's an old set. It was made about a year and a half ago when some of the standards might have been different, and it hasn't been touched or modified since. So probably the achievements are bugged, or worked with previous versions and don't now. Also the guy who made this set apparently last logged-on about a month after finishing this set, so he hasn't been around to fix anything either, but since things have changed a little since then, there probably wasn't anything to fix back then. *shrug*

Yep, it runs on two "greater than or equal to" Requirements, and not one Reset-If is present. When the NES turns on in FCEUX(and maybe the real hardware?) half of the RAM becomes 00 and the other half becomes FF(255), the max an 8-bit address can hold, so when the game boots up, both Requirements are automatically greater than their target-value because it's the maximum value on start-up. Most NES achievements practically require at least one ResetIf to prevent that, but maybe back then it wasn't an issue?

Otherwise I really doubt there are many other versions of this game. I could guess that MAYBE it came out in PAL, but I doubt it went anywhere else. Maybe Japan...probably not.

It's one of my favorite games, but I won't play it here because I hate the idea of having to get all-arches in a level when the later levels take a LONG time to get back to in Hardcore if you don't manage to get them. It's a really long game if you're going for everything, and that was without getting-all-arches back in the day. And the requirements for zipper-door-levels are ridiculously annoying to do when they're worth the exact same points as the rest.

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January 22 2017, 4:19pm

Thanks for the response, MC Kids is a pretty easy game to beat since extra lives are so easy to come by, but it takes awhile. Some of the collect all of the arches achievements are ridiculously hard/frustrating and I doubt I will go after many more. The Lone Jogger bug still bothers me though because I feel I should have gotten that one during my play through yesterday.


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July 5 2020, 6:06am

Mc Kids

400 > 466

All archs 5 > 10
Beat worlds 5 > 10
Lowered misc achievements 10 > 5


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August 3 2022, 8:18pm

I bring DevQuest 5 updates. ALL of the Full-Clear cheevos were updated to allow for measures. I'm only going to show cheevo here to give you an idea of what was done.

Gopher Grove (Full-Clear) Gopher Grove (Full-Clear) (5)
Old Logic:

New Logic:

This one specifically had an extra thing done: the hit count was removed. It's not needed since it was just a singular hit for a singular line. They are all consistent now.

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