Gran Turismo 4

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suXin25 Nov, 2022 04:11
Nabas6545 I'm confused what exact problem you see with the points, is 1 point not enough or 15 per hour is too much.

I think if I give more then it's too much. While you can grind these quickly with 100% save and abusing arcade mode correctly, it's not like you're supposed to and it likely won't be fun. Your estimate at achievement in less than 4 minutes if player prioritizes grind (for aSpec challenges) seems right to me.
suXin26 Nov, 2022 16:45(Edited 26 Nov, 2022 16:46)
new batch of achievements just dropped into unofficial, with badges and ordering

So only testing and leaderboards left, and I have four more days until self-inflicted release deadline. Gonna test some of the set myself in following days.
Pwned30 Nov, 2022 21:37(Edited 02 Dec, 2022 10:35)
Hey suXin thanks for the great work!

I really want to try to play GT4 with your achievements but since pcsx2 core doesn't have all settings exposed, I can't follow the setup they have on their wiki.

Do you have any recommended settings for it?
suXin02 Dec, 2022 10:38
@Pwned why are you saying PCSX2 core? If you imply whatever that is on Retroarch, you ain't supposed to play with that.

You're supposed to download latest Qt Nightly build, in emulator itself you will be able to tick "Tools -> Show Advanced Settings"
Pwned02 Dec, 2022 12:18
@suXin thanks for the clarification! I thought only retroArch worked with retro achievements. Time to test your set!
crispyfur02 Dec, 2022 16:22(Edited 02 Dec, 2022 19:09)
I have the SCUS-97328 version, but the achievements aren't being activated. Can anyone help me with this?
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