Discworld II: Mortality Bytes! | Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!?


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October 3 2022, 7:29pm

Official Topic Post for discussion about Discworld II: Mortality Bytes! | Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!? (PlayStation) Discworld II: Mortality Bytes! | Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!? (PlayStation)
Created 3 Oct, 2022 19:29 by Suffa28


October 3 2022, 8:28pm

Ooh, I forgot about this one for awhile!

Good luck on the set, sir!

Do it for Terry!

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October 3 2022, 10:00pm

This is my first set so may take a little longer, but I started grabbing some memory addresses tonight for items etc. and it's gone really well so far!

Any ideas for interesting achievements would be grand, I'll be doing the obvious ones for completing Acts and collecting the objective items but would love to hear some thoughts on funnier one-off moments that particularly stand out to folk :)

Excited to continue working on this - was one of my favourite games as a kid!

October 3 2022, 11:49pm

I hope things go smoothly, but as is the golden rule, take your time. =)

Unfortunately I know next-to-nothing about DWII when compared to the first...Save except for Death playing a significantly larger role and Eric Idle singing an entire song about him.

I can also regale a brief, semi-related story that could be useful in achievement-naming somehow; Shortly after Terry Pratchett's death, fans created an online partition asking Death himself to 'Reinstate Terry Pratchett'.

The petition closed with over 30,000 signatures. Maybe Death was on holiday at the time. XD

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October 10 2022, 2:34pm

Not sure if you know of the easter egg where you can let rincewind talk to his past self from discworld 1

You should atleast add that to the set

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October 24 2022, 1:40am

Any chance this'll work with the original PAL version?

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October 24 2022, 6:03pm

I would have to check, but they were developed using the NTSC version

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October 29 2022, 5:26pm

Just completed the game and got every Achievement except for this one that didn’t unlock for some reason! ‘Obtain the Camel
My Very Own Prime Racing Gerbil’ Now I’m gonna have to play the entire game again and hope it unlocks this time.

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October 31 2022, 9:41am

The Camel achievement should be fixed as of 28 Oct at 20:54. There was an issue with it for certain cores, sorry about that!

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December 27 2022, 1:15am

The Camel cheevo is still not popping. Submitted ticket.


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