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September 9 2022, 6:35pm

Official Topic Post for discussion about Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (PlayStation 2) Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (PlayStation 2)
Created 9 Sep, 2022 18:35 by Delmaru



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September 20 2022, 9:21pm

The icon has been outvoted and replaced, here is a backup:

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October 4 2022, 9:21am

hey why doesnt my zip file work.
i run eu and usa as iso games run but no achieves.
i run usa zipped and the achieve pops up. but then it says disc cannot be read?


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October 4 2022, 12:31pm

Unzip the iso.


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October 4 2022, 2:48pm, edited October 4 2022, 5:01pm

Set is going down for repairs. Should be back up soon.

EDIT: And with that, everything should be fixed and good to go. Also did a slight bit of rescoring.

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October 26 2022, 11:19pm, edited October 27 2022, 10:06pm


I have the PAL/EU hash for this game and was wondering if you would be willing to support it?


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November 9 2022, 10:34am

The badges for every Breakthrough achievement have been outvoted and replaced. Here is a backup of the previous ones:

The new badges were made by Butternnife

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November 11 2022, 1:30am

Nice badges update, Good to have them looking all different and not the same one.


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December 11 2022, 8:13pm

The badges have been outvoted and replaced. Here's a backup of the previous ones.

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January 18 2023, 10:39pm

Hi ! Little question about the transfer saves betwene Budokai 1 and 2 (see 3 i don't remember for this one ?) if the fact that choose the by file save system for memory card is a problem or the Bodukai 2 will detect the save of Budokai 1 ?

Or rather use the standard by memory card save type ? I use the system that each game had his own file. Specially for some problematic games (corruption of save data for Soul calibur 3 seeing the build that is using hand't the fix for)


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April 20 2023, 5:21am

Added a single achievement for having all Breakthroughs at once. If you can show proof of having all 23 at once, you should be able to ask for a manual unlock.

This is being added to prevent cheese by loading a save after each breakthrough.

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April 20 2023, 4:47pm

The new achievement isnt going to accomplish much I think. You can still trade the dragon balls between memory cards and keep backing up the second memory card so it always has all seven dragon balls while making all the breakthrough wishes on the first card.
Its still easy to cheese all the breakthroughs, it'll just take slightly longer. They did remove dragon ball trading in the Budokai 2, so its isnt possible to do the same thing in that one.
I personally dont see why we need to make the set even grindier than it already is. I love Budokai 2, but it does not have enough depth to justify 36+ full playthroughs of Dragon World.
Regardless, thank you for making these sets and giving me a reason to replay these games. I dont mean any disrespect or ill will.

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April 20 2023, 5:19pm

ill take the extra 25pts for how grindy this can be anyway.

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September 24 2023, 5:23pm

Is it possible to support the PAL version so we can play with the japanese voices?

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