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Fridge05 Sep, 2022 18:41
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Created 5 Sep, 2022 18:41 by Fridge

Fridge22 Sep, 2022 21:56
Please give us any suggestions or achievement ideas! feel free to message me on site or in discord at any time :)
Freakservo22 Sep, 2022 22:19(Edited 22 Sep, 2022 22:20)
'Don't have many 'great' ideas at the moment, but off the top of my head I can think of three; One for getting a certain number of bolts, one for purchasing the RYNO, and...uhm...some witty come-back to the 'Plumber's crack' gag...

..I dunno, I just think that last one needed some kind of off-handed commentary in the achievement-description...
Andrewgomez90422 Sep, 2022 22:22
skill checks for sure, and getting the golden bolts
Fridge22 Sep, 2022 22:43
we are definitely going to port a lot of the official trophies, and skill points and gold bolts for sure!
We were thinking about some weapon challenges, less limitations more "blow it up!"
Tuskkar22 Sep, 2022 22:58
please no speedrunning stuff
SuperMeatBro22 Sep, 2022 23:37(Edited 22 Sep, 2022 23:38)
If you dont have ideas, sometimes is good to just have achievements as a 100% completion tracker/progression, specially if it is a huge game already.
xenoriddley23 Sep, 2022 18:31
Maybe some for completing boss fights damageless? I think that would be pretty good. Or maybe beating some stages using only certain weapons if that's possible?

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