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salut tous le monde je n'arrive pas à faire la super vitesse qq'un saurait m'expliquer un peut le truc il doit bien y avoir de bon pilote ici ^^ pour le moment je me casse les dents encore sur le track3 et track 4 pour moins d'une seconde je n'arrive pas à faire les sub minutes sniff

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I don't understand tracks 2-5. I placed 1st on track 1 and it brought me to the "next track". But if I select track 2 from the menu it's a completely different track. Which tracks count for the achievement? Both?

EDIT: I selected track 2 from the menu and it is exactly the same as if you progress to "track 3" starting from 1. The tracks are very weird in this game. Also, as others have said, the wheelie achievement triggers whenever you finish a race.

EDIT2: It appears that when you challenge the "next track" after coming in at least 3rd on a track, you play the exact same track again. So you could start on track 1, play 4 tracks in a row, and end up on track 3 but get credit for track 5 because the achievements don't differentiate between starting on track 5 or getting all the way to "track 5" from track 1 (which will actually be track 3). So it looks like:
- Select track 1.
- Finish in 3rd or better and get sent to track 1 again (but counts as track 2 for achievements).
- Finish in 3rd or better and get sent to track 2 (but counts as track 3 for achievements).
- Finish in 3rd or better and get sent to track 2 again (but counts as track 4 for achievements).
- Finish in 3rd or better and get sent to track 3 (but counts as track 5 for achievements).
This game needs a lot of work.

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Leaderboards need looking at.

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The badges made by MaddieKittyTV outvoted and replaced the current ones, here is a backup of those:

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I truly do not understand how to do the ones that you don't turn. Did it on levels 1-3, getting 1st place on each, and nothing popped. Help. :)


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Cleaned up descriptions per new writing policy.

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The speedruns + max speed should be a subset or removed. You need a 'glitch' to obtain them. Although level 1 is doable under 1 min. I would propose to introduce complete/win-achievements against the opponents instead. Maybe as well 'Takedown a opponent with your wheel'

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Mastered this set a while ago but I sure don't remember I had to use any kind of glitch to do it

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Mechanics is not a glitch.

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Is it, tho? It's not something you naturally discover and start using. Specially the max speed glitch which needs lots turbo's + ramps and then you have to start using a specific button combo to 'bounce'. But alright I will try this mechanic and 100% the game then.

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Good luck. I hope you get it!

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Thanks! Should not be that difficult. Fun game, tho. Played it when I was a little kid in the early 90's.
Edit: 2 to go ;)

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