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Kirby's Pinball Land


Posted: 22 Jun, 2015 03:05
Last Edit: 06 Apr, 2018 22:46
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Created 22 Jun, 2015 04:05 by

1. Kirby's Pinball Land (USA, Europe).gb
Kirby's Pinball Land (U) [!].gb
RA Checksum: f711ed10307d4ea27223fe965595b123
CRC32 Checksum: 31CB6526

2. Kirby no Pinball (Japan).gb
Kirby no Pinball (J) [!].gb
kirby no pinball (japan).bin
RA Checksum: c2de4b0c726b579012fef2be578b1920
CRC32 Checksum: 8B44FB7D

3. Kirby's Pinball Land (U) [b1].gb
RA Checksum: a82b4d934c049d6f0cf52f54408e1ab4
CRC32 Checksum: 4AAAB286

4. Kirby's Pinball Land (U) [b2].gb
RA Checksum: 13c9ca0f9c4ff72c2ec075f7c2afb9ce
CRC32 Checksum: 17871990


Posted: 22 Jun, 2015 03:05
Cheevo's getting done soon!

Posted: 22 Jun, 2015 17:39
Looking forward to trying this game.

Posted: 07 Jul, 2015 22:36
All done, including cheat protection, so play fair suckers. My respect to whoever gets 2 million on hardcore first.

Posted: 08 Nov, 2017 08:11
Last Edit: 08 Nov, 2017 08:21
The game's memory values constantly flash FF on RVba, rendering everything kinda unplayable for leaderboards or cheevs

Posted: 02 Jan, 2018 03:56
Is Wispy Woods supposed to be this awful? Got through the other two stages with minor issues, but I've been on Wispy for days. They aren't even trying to hide the luck based design with giving him a slot machine right in the middle of the stage.

Very weird considering Wispy is the standard first/easiest Kirby boss. Makes me really think this game does have bad design and Wispy wasn't intended to be so tough.

Posted: 05 Jan, 2018 06:20
After finishing this set I can say this game was probably one of the most frustrating games so far. Not the set itself, but the way the game works. There is a skill element to this game, but there's also a luck element and you have to put forward the skill portion to even meet the luck check.

It's like playing a slot machine, but before doing the machine you have to do a platformer stage for a chance to roll the machine. That's the frustrating part of the game's design is that doing well on your own isn't enough.

Thankfully DeDeDe doesn't have a stage so with enough practice and a good streak you can do the world tour by getting a hot streak and playing well on the other 3 bosses.

The hardest one was 2 million points. For that the best strategy I found was to clear Wispy and Kracko out and then go 'farm' Poppy Bros. If you only kill one poppy bro you get 50k points and then fall back down. This ensures a few checks:

If you fail at rentering Poppy Bros to kill one and sink down to the 2nd board, you have a chance at the star for M and B from the easiest bonus game.

If you fall yet again from the second board you have a chance to hit the warp star. And since you cleared the other 2 bosses you have 2 E X T R A letters waiting for you on the stage select before re-entering Poppy. If you hit them every time with the cannon you could considerably never run out of lives if bad luck sinks you down to the bottom board by just taking the warp star and grabbing 2 E X T R A letters and returning to Poppy for more farming of the 50k kill.

Posted: 24 Feb, 2018 15:22
Wispy is definitely the most frustrating stage, I won't deny that!

I recommend you play Sonic Spinball to see the true frustrating pinball game.

Posted: 12 Feb, 2019 22:10
Any trick to getting this game working? When I load it up its constantly trying to pull up leaderboards

Posted: 07 Jul, 2020 03:31
Kirbys Pinball Land
400 > 330

Adjusted scores to 5, 10, 25, 50 ratio
Beat game lowered 40 > 25
Beat bosses and reach bonus 20 > 10


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