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Megaduck and Fairchild Channel F (System Supported #41 and #42)

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Posted: 28 Jul, 2022 02:59
Last Edit: 28 Jul, 2022 03:00

Part 2 of our Summer Rollout Series.

First off the Megaduck (Also known as the Cougar Boy) is another Game Boy inspired knock off. There are around 32 games for the system and over the next few days to weeks you may see the full library as only 5 are currently unclaimed as of this post.

Check out our support for it here

Second is Fair Child Channel F, (Warning you will need bios for this bad boy to run games proper). Fair Child has around 35 games but plenty of homebrew. It's the first home system to use carts and it switches between games via a start menu of 4 modes.

Check out our support for it here

Posted: 28 Jul, 2022 03:01

Jamiras for getting the cores ready
Snowpin, pinguupinguu, televandalist, and StingX2 for the rollout
soulsderfuchs for updating all entries with proper names
All the developers that left comfort zones to collab during this rollout!
Also...TheFetishMachine for being Megaducks #1 Fan

Hope to see you guys for the next one!
Posted: 28 Jul, 2022 04:16
Last Edit: 28 Jul, 2022 04:34

Fair Megaduckable! Thanks!

You forgot to update compatibility page.
Posted: 28 Jul, 2022 05:17

Posted: 28 Jul, 2022 05:48

The docs are being completely rewritten at this time, also thats a function only a few admin can action
Posted: 28 Jul, 2022 10:07

OK, i usually check which emul' to use at this guide. Will be good if it include info about necessary files, like BIOS, machines for MSX, etc.
Posted: 28 Jul, 2022 11:06

This page has the hash and filename info for the Channel F BIOS. You'll want to get both files.
Posted: 28 Jul, 2022 21:44

You are all such lovable weirdos. I am happy to be part of this community.
Posted: 29 Jul, 2022 05:08

I downloaded the newest version of RALibretro several times and neither console appears at all in the "Manage Cores" menu, despite them being listed in the "Supported Systems" list. Am I missing something?
Posted: 29 Jul, 2022 05:25

There hasn't been a new RALibretro release, so the cores have to be enabled manually. Open cores.json in a text editor. Find sameduck_libretro and freechaf_libretro and delete the subsequent "platforms": "none" line. Save, reopen RALib, and download the cores.
Posted: 29 Jul, 2022 05:32

Well, that worked. Thanks for the assistance.
Posted: 29 Jul, 2022 22:10

So we get a fucking knock off console but no PS2 or Gamecube?? Like who the fuck asked for this shit???
Posted: 29 Jul, 2022 22:43
Last Edit: 29 Jul, 2022 23:11

Thanks for your concerns that we forget the more-known consoles. There are already emulator developers working on the two consoles you are suggesting to make RetroAchievements support for them possible, but since these are more modern consoles it takes more effort and time to get them done. Since everyone in this community is volunteering, it's understandable that sometimes emulator devs want to take a break and work on consoles like Channel F, since they are quite easy in compare. Also you might be surprised but there are actually many users on our site that love to discover these unknown consoles and get in love with them.
Posted: 30 Jul, 2022 00:00
Last Edit: 30 Jul, 2022 00:13

So we get a fucking knock off console but no PS2 or Gamecube?? Like who the fuck asked for this shit???

-- Wegra

Look at website name: It's says Retro Achievements, right? So, anything regarding RETRO is expecting to be supported on this website at some point in future. I am glad to see more underrated consoles and handhelds to be supported. However, it's missing, Zeebo and Philips CD-I... xD

Regarding Playstation 2, I have my own concerns about it since we are dealing with the most overrated console in the world. One of my concerns is this: Since it's a pretty overrated console, a lot of users coming from Narnia are expected to happen - which is great, but raise some issues that we have to deal with them before PS2 release. We already hit 1000+ users in January 2022 and we may hit around 2k or 3k when PS2 gets available...

In any case, it's NOT easy to give support a new console/handheld. Nice job as always!

Spoiler (Click to show):
Nintendo 3DS:

Dude, we already have 2^28 address quantity limit (256MB) [0x0000000 to 0xFFFFFFF at maximum]. According to Documentations, Nintendo 3DS seems to require 128MB (2^27) [0x0000000 to 0x7FFFFFF] which should be mapped as System RAM, but Citra core only gives 64MB (2^26) [0x0000000 to 0x3FFFFFF] for now... In past, with a 2^24 address limit, we were a little far for making this dream happen, but now, it's already possible - just Citra core needs to be updated and its address map to be expanded! o/
Posted: 30 Jul, 2022 03:13
Last Edit: 30 Jul, 2022 03:13

Thanks and congratulations:)
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