Armored Core: Master of Arena - Custom Arena Leaderboards Subset

Falcus17 Jul, 2022 21:49(Edited 17 Jul, 2022 21:55)

Ravens, we have a new mission!

Ever dreamed of becoming a top ranking AC? Want to get revenge against Nine-Ball? Then look no further!
Registrations for RA arena leaderboards will be coming soon!

What are these RA arena leaderboards you ask? They are a set of custom created leaderboards for , where you can submit your very own AC as a contender! These custom leaderboards will then be used to create a subset designed around defeating RA community submissions!

There will be a variety of categories with each leaderboard having 9 entries. There will be no strict limit on how many categories you can submit to, however this will be reviewed depending on the amount of submissions.

Submission Rules
Spoiler (Click to show)
Everyone is welcome!
Keep AC/pilot names appropriate
One submission per category
Submission must be able to enter a mission and adhere to regulations for category being submitted for

The overall design of the categories are still a work in progress, however the types of categories being planned will be like these
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Budget - Price less than x
Weight limit - Light/heavy weight builds
AP limits
Only certain weapon types
Overall performance limits

There is no strict time limit on when this needs to be completed by, however I intend to open up submissions after the core set goes live, so that you can enjoy the game, and get creative on your submissions!

Once submissions are opened and the categories planned, entries can be submitted by either sending myself a message on Discord (Falcus#4329) with a copy of your save file, or by sending a message to myself here with a link to download the save.

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