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Created 23 Jun, 2013 22:42 by Wolferhu

Alisia Dragoon (USA).md
Alisia Dragoon (U) [!].bin
RA Checksum: 77be06102101759f30b416d80872c8da
CRC32 Checksum: D28D5C40

Alisia Dragoon (Japan).md
Alisia Dragoon (J) [!].bin
RA Checksum: 87f6aeedef313d6d9d5126e55514d812
CRC32 Checksum: 4D476722


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June 24 2013, 5:24pm

I suggest here a change in the achievements.
Maybe someone else should have to check too but I think the bug what I noticed and told already in the Faulty Achievements topic probably not really fixable. So then should have to keep one achievement as a reward if you upgrade fully one dragons (any dragon from the 4 possible). And should have to delete these dragon specific achievements.

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August 17 2013, 7:39am

I'm so sorry, I miss read that forum "Faulty Achievements"

that achievement fully every dragon is fix now

Sorry I m later fix this i was busy

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November 2 2013, 1:05am

Great Balls of Fire Great Balls of Fire (5) & Reptillian Boomer Reptillian Boomer (5) activated before the mosnsters got to level 3. They activated as soon as they were selected in the game after I had got Dragon Frye to level 3

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November 12 2013, 5:02pm

fix! hope work now

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May 23 2021, 5:00pm, edited July 8 2021, 3:25pm

Revision proposal:

Change the concept of the following achievements "Reach Stage X" to "Beat Stage X"

The Temple The Temple (5)
Swamp Swamp (5)
Spaceship Spaceship (5)
The Mountain The Mountain (10)
The Cave The Cave (10)
Wrecked Ship Wrecked Ship (10)
Sky Palace Sky Palace (25)

Demote this one Baldour (VOID) Baldour (VOID) for being a copy of this one Baldour Vanished Baldour Vanished (50) both unlocks at the same time, and Baldour is the last boss

I also intend to add some new achievements:

Find all hidden items (some stages has hidden areas, and some ones can be easily missed)
Beat a stage without using pets or upgrading your lightning (any difficulty)
Beat a stage without upgrading you health (any difficulty)
Beat the game without using a continue (any difficulty)

I may added something more if find interesting, but the main goal is all above

EDIT: Unlinked european rom, since is clearly slower and gives a unfair advantage, players must use either Japanese or USA roms from now. Info about the rom unlinked below:

Alisia Dragoon (Europe).md
RA Checksum: 0028a8f30e471dd14a20bf3e18f7529b
CRC32 Checksum: 28165BD1

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Find all hidden items

Then the set is missing at least:
- a continue inside the "spaceship" (middle-left) in 6-2
- a hidden continue behind a destructible wall at bottom-left of the "spaceship" in 6-2 (yes, 6-2, 6-1 has a similar place)
- a hidden lightning upgrade behind a destructible wall at "middle" bottom-right of the "spaceship" in 6-2
(they are not shown in any longplays I found)

Also these 3 are available only on normal, maybe put this info into the descriptions?

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Beat the game without using a continue (any difficulty)

I think, there should be two 1CC achievements. Hard difficulty requires more careful approach and good knowledge of stages and bosses. At the same time nothing on this setting is extremely difficult to land it into unwelcome concepts or bonus material.

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March 10 2023, 5:44pm, edited March 11 2023, 5:59am

The first two stages will be automatically cheeved during the preview

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