Irritating Stick [Subset - IrRAtating Custom Courses]

timenoe07 Jul, 2022 23:27(Edited 20 Sep, 2022 23:01)
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Created 7 Jul, 2022 23:27 by timenoe

Irritating Stick (USA) [Subset - Irritating RA]  + 
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RA Checksum: 35a3fbb5242267c0b80faa0b4fbf4dac

Set by: timenoe and YOU!!!
RP by: timenoe
Icon/Badges/Box by: timenoe

Custom Course Submissions
Download Saves
1. Maximdraco (July 07, 2022)
2. deng (July 07, 2022)
3. MaddieKittyTV (July 10, 2022)
4. MrOwnership (July 17, 2022)
5. Retrokaiser (August 11, 2022)
6. Burgins (August 24, 2022)
7. GalacticSpear (September 01, 2022)

Important Information
These saves are in RetroArch (Beetle PSX HW) format. You may have to rename them depending on the name of your ROM (should be the same), or which emulator you are using.

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timenoe07 Jul, 2022 23:27(Edited 10 Jul, 2022 13:27)
Introducing the Irritating Stick subset, "IrRAtating Custom Courses"!

This is a community driven set!

Irritating Stick features a game mode to easily design up to 4 courses. Each RA user can submit up to 4 courses, each course will have their own achievement! Your RA username will appear in the name of the achievement(s) as, <RA Username>'s Irritation <I-IV> (or your own custom name), and your RA profile picture will be used for the badge(s), with some irritating style of course!

Here are the steps to submit your courses to me to be featured in the set:

1. Open Irritating Stick (USA) in an emulator.
2. Select the game mode, "Course Edit".
3. Select which course you want to edit.
4. Edit the course.
5. Press start once you are done editing a course to finalize it. Then proceed through the final dialogue.
6. Repeat for up to 4 courses.
7. Save your game by selecting the "Option" menu item in the main menu. Then selecting "Save" under "Memory Card".
8. (Optional) Ensure your course edits went through by testing them in the "1P Play" game mode.
9. Close the game.
10. Send your save to me through a site or Discord DM!

I would prefer if each user designed all 4 courses, to maximize the use of each save file.

Thank you for contributing! ๐Ÿ’™
Turn7Boom06 Sep, 2022 11:48
So, I am a complete novice to this game. I've patched the rom successfully and placed one of the savefiles in the correct RA directory. How do I know I am playing a custom course? When I'm in 1P Play mode, all I see of Challenge and Final.
timenoe06 Sep, 2022 12:11
Keep scrolling and you will see a course tab titled "Edit Course". There, there are 4 custom courses, and you'll see a challenge indicator in the bottom right hand of your screen when you enter one of them.
Turn7Boom07 Sep, 2022 07:25
I can't get it done. I see the custom courses on all 5 savefiles. But I see no way to play them, nor do I see a challenge indicator. Is the interface very confusing? All I can do is edit the courses.
timenoe07 Sep, 2022 10:52
Go back to the main menu and select play courses, or something similar, not edit courses

Then keep scrolling until you see the custom courses

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