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Official Topic Post for discussion about Silent Hill 2 (PlayStation 2) Silent Hill 2 (PlayStation 2)
Created 25 Jun, 2022 22:12 by valts

Set, RP and Leaderboards: valts
Help with achievement naming: televandalist and BahamutVoid

Longplay by SHN:


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For which version? Director's Cut (Greatest Hits) or Normal?


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September 5 2022, 5:48pm

Greatest Hits NA release which includes Born From A Wish scenario.

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September 6 2022, 3:31pm

Nice! Can't wait <3

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One of my favorite PS2 games. Would love to see some achievements.

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October 3 2022, 3:50pm

Looking forward to this! Thanks valts!

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Waiting for this set. Thank you for your work, valts :D

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October 17 2022, 12:45pm

Any news?

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October 19 2022, 12:07pm

Thanks for this! Favorite game of all time!

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Good luck, Valts! Can't wait <3

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October 31 2022, 4:58pm

Happy Halloween!! What awesome timing for this set, thank you Valts!


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Here is how ranking works. You may find this very useful when going for Pantophobia Pantophobia (25).
Spoiler (Click to show)
Action Level:
Beginner = 0pts
Easy = 1pt
Normal = 3pts
Hard = 5pts

Riddle Level:
Easy = 1pt
Normal = 3pts
Hard = 5pts
Extra = 5pts

Ending Clear:
4pts for each ending capped at 20pts

Total Saves:
<=2 = 5pts
3 to 5 = 4pts
6 to 10 = 3pts
11 to 20 = 2pts
21 to 30 = 1pt
31+ = 0pts

Total Time:
<=3h = 10pts
<=4h = 5pts
<=6h = 3pts
<=8h = 2pts
<=16h = 1pt
>16h = 0pts

standard item x20 = 1pt
extra item x1 = 1pt
up to 15pts max

Defeated by Shooting:
kills x5 = 1pt
up to 15pts max for 75 kills

Defeated by Fighting:
kills x5 = 1pt
up to 15pts max for 75 kills

Boat Stage Time
<=80s = 5pts
<=160s = 4pts
<=240s = 3pts
<=480s = 2pts
<=960s = 1pt
>960s = 0pts

Total Damage
<=500 = 5pts
<=1000 = 4pts
<=1500 = 3pts
<=2000 = 2pts
<=2500 = 1pt
>2500 = 0pts


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December 12 2022, 7:27pm

The icon has been outvoted and replaced. Here is a backup of the previous one:

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Here's a guide I made for remembering a route for 10 Star Runs:

Spoiler (Click to show)
01. East South Vale
-Blue Gem in the bathroom
-Map of Silent Hill in James' car
-Chainsaw in the log
-Radio and Wooden Plank during the first enemy encounter
-Apartment Gate Key at the end of Martin Street
-Wood Side Apartments

02. Wood Side Apartments
-Map of the Apt. Building
-Flashlight in Room 205
-Try to reach the key in 3F Hallway
-Handgun in Room 301
-Key to Room 202 in Room 208
-Clock Key in hole in Room 202 (right room)
-Use Clock Key in Room 208
-Clock puzzle (9:10)
-Courtyard Key in Room 307
-Fire Escape Key in 3F Hallway
-Canned Juice in front of Room 107
-Use the Canned Juice in the garbage shoot (2F)
-Coin [Old Man] outside
-Coin [Snake] in courtyard pool
-Eddie in Room 101
-Blue Creek Apartments

03. Blue Creek Apartments
-Toilet memo
-Safe puzzle (Roman numerals represent which numerical number they are and letters represent their number in the alphabet plus 9)
-Map of the West Apt Building in stairwell (2F)
-Angela and Coin [Prisoner] in room 109 (white door near the middle of the room)
-White Chrism in Room 105
-Lyne House Key after Coin puzzle in Room 105 (Hard: Empty, Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner - Extra: Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner, Empty)
-Apartment Stairway Key in Room 208 (access through the balcony in Room 209)
-Pyramid Head fight in the northeast stairwell (2F)
-West South Vale

04. West South Vale
-Rosewater Park
-Dog Key in doghouse directly across from the Rosewater Park exit pathway
-Steel Pipe and Book: "Lost Memories" in Texxon Gas
-Eddie and Laura in Pete's Bowl-O-Rama
-Go through the gate behind the bowling alley
-Head south (upward) towards the end of the alley for a cutscene and then try to go through the locked door
-Heaven's Night
-Run up the stairs and go through the green door on the right
-Brookhaven Hospital

05. Brookhaven Hospital
-Map of the Hospital
-"Purple Bull" Key in Document room (1F) (access through the Reception Office)
-3F patient wing code (1328)
-Roof Key in room S3 (3F)
-Roof, run to the Patient's Diary and then to the fence near the Elevator Control Room
-Pyramid Head will knock you off the roof - move towards him to make it faster
-Code on the wall after entering the 3rd door (going downwards in relation to the camera)
-Bent Needle and Shotgun in the Women's Locker Room (2F)
-Code on the blue carbon paper in Examining Room 3 (2F)
-"Lapis Eye" Key in room M2 (2F)
-Piece of Hair after Box puzzle in room S14 (3F):
Combine the "Purple Bull" Key and the "Lapis Eye" Key
Code from the blue carbon paper on the push-button lock
Code from the bloody wall on the turning lock
-Elevator Key by combining the Bent Needle and the Piece of Hair in the Shower Room (3F)
-Laura in room C2 (1F)
-Flesh Lips fight
-Nightmare Hospital

06. Nightmare Hospital
-Elevator (1F -> 2F)
-Drycell Battery and Basement Storeroom Key in room M6 (2F)
-Elevator (2F -> 3F)
-Stairwell (3F)
-Push shelf in basement
-Copper Ring in room below basement
-Elevator (3F -> 2F)
-Lead Ring in Day Room (2F)
-Elevator (2F -> 3F)
-Weird box puzzle in Store Room (3F) (3-1-3)
-Combine the Copper Ring and the Lead Ring in the Woman's door in the patient wing (3F)
-Go down the stairs to the door at the bottom and SAVE before going through the door
-Pyramid Head chase with Maria
-Hospital Lobby Key in Director's Room (1F)
-Dark South Vale

07. Dark South Vale
-Hyper Spray in the trailer on Saul Street (if you already have the green Hyper Spray unlocked when attempting the 10 Star Ranking achievement just ignore this step and don't pick this up or the achievement will be invalidated!)
-Wrench on the porch of the second closest house to Gonzale's Mexican Restaurant on Lindsey Street
-Dig behind the Praying Woman Statue in Rosewater Park and use the Wrench to get the Old Bronze Key in the tin box
-Tip for finding the statue: when arriving at the park, take the first stairs on the right, then take the left stairs close by and go left around the corner to the statue
-Silent Hill Historical Society

08. Silent Hill Historical Society
-Obsidian Goblet in the second room
-In the hallway with the first enemies in the area, follow the hallway to the left and then take the right path
-When in the well, the approximate location of the weak wall is 135 degrees to the left of where you start
-In the next room, turn right and follow the path to the first door on the right
-Spiral-Writing Key in the room after going through the right door
-Use the Drycell Battery next to the keypad
-Keypad puzzle (random combination using the 3 illuminated buttons)
-Exit the room and use the Spiral-Writing Key to open the locked gate door on the floor
-Toluca Prison

09. Toluca Prison
-Get the Tablet of "Gluttonous Pig" and enter the door in front of James' initial position
-Head upward until you find the Map of the Prison on a table on the left, then head downward and enter the first door on the right (in relation to the camera)
-Take the north path and enter the open shower room to get the Tablet of "The Seductress"
-Enter the south row of jail cells and get the Wax Doll from the second last cell
-Enter the north row of jail cells from the east side of the prison and get the Tablet of "The Oppressor" from the fourth last cell
-Horseshoe after combining the 3 tablets in the courtyard
-Go through the north row of jail cells to get to the west side of the prison and enter the civilian side through the last open door on the northwest side
-Enter the next door on the left and get the Lighter on the counter
-Enter the last door on the right and go through the door on the opposite side of the room to get the Hunting Rifle
-Return to the civilian side hallway and go through the gate
-Combine the Wax Doll, Horseshoe and Lighter on the hatch and jump down the hole
-Go through the double doors directly behind you
-The Labyrinth

10. The Labyrinth
-Go forward at the first fork in the path and then right at the second to the ladder
-Rotating cube puzzle (random)
-Maria in the cell
-Wire Cutter in the Rotating cube puzzle room
-Use the Wire Cutter on the wires blocking the door across from the entrance to the Labyrinth
-Follow the path and take the first right to the ladder
-Follow the right path to the ladder
-Follow the left path and then go to the left to the ladder when there's an opening
-Follow the path and turn right and then left to the ladder
-Turn left when there's a fork in the path to the ladder
-Head forward and go down the ladder at the end of the hall on the right
-Take the first left to the ladder
-SAVE in the room before the Abstract Daddy fight
-Abstract Daddy fight
-Exit the room and go through the door on the right
-Enter the room on the right to figure out the location of the innocent hanged man (Hard Riddle Level: Counterfeiter - Extra Riddle Level: Thief)
-Exit the room and enter the room to the left at the end of the hallway
-Pull the innocent man's rope
-Key of the Persecuted back in the room with the hanged bodies
-Go through the last door in the hallway and use the Key of the Persecuted
-Eddie fight
-Toluca Lake

11. Toluca Lake
-Once in the boat, turn right for approximately two rows and start going forward before seeing the light
-Continue moving forward in the direction of the light
-Lake View Hotel

12. Lake View Hotel
-"Little Mermaid" Music Box in the courtyard
-Hotel Map (For Guests) in the entrance
-Thinner in the elevator (B1F)
-"Fish" Key in the "Lake Shore" Restaurant (1F)
-Key to Room 312 in the Reception (1F)
-Key to Hotel Room 204 after using the "Fish" Key in the Cloak Room (2F)
-Employee Elevator Key in Room 204
-Use the Thinner to erase the ink on the photo on the bed in room 202
-"Cinderella" Music Box by opening the briefcase with the code in the photo
-Go to the room right of the elevator (2F), examine the elevator's buttons, store everything in the locker and take the elevator down to 1F
-Hotel Map (For Employees) on the corkboard (1F)
-"Snow White" Music Box in the Pantry (1F)
-Videotape and Can Opener in the Office (1F)
-Bar Key in the Boiler Room (B1F)
-Light Bulb by using the can opener in the kitchen (B1F)
-Use the Light Bulb in the Venus Tears Bar (B1F)
-Go back to the room right of the elevator (2F) and take everything back from the locker
-Hotel Stairway Key after Music box puzzle in the lobby (1F) ("Little Mermaid" - front, "Cinderella" - left, "Snow White" - right)
-Use the Videotape in Room 312
-Nightmare Hotel

13. Nightmare Hotel
-Book: "Crimson Ceremony" in the Reading Room (2F)
-Observation Room (3F)

Also, check this guide (not made by me) to get a better understanding of how a 10-Star run works:
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