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Rock 'N Roll Racing

Posted: 07 Jun, 2015 00:45
Last Edit: 16 Nov, 2019 00:46

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Created 07 Jun, 2015 01:45 by MGA

1. Rock n' Roll Racing (Europe).gba
Rock N' Roll Racing (E).gba
rock n' roll racing (europe).bin
RA Checksum: 4c56e0d7fd251ab8ebe562c25e0ddfdf
CRC32 Checksum: 53D1A142

2. Rock n' Roll Racing (USA).gba
Rock N' Roll Racing (U).gba
rock n' roll racing (usa).bin
RA Checksum: 25a0842e3db8b40eeb39de83285cc13a
CRC32 Checksum: 15F2DD16

Blizzard Entertainment

Edit: A full set is on the way, and I'll try and make a different set as the SNES version!
Posted: 07 Jun, 2015 16:08

Ok the Set is out there, pls let me know if something went wrong!
Posted: 17 Jan, 2019 21:50

Almost the whole set is broken, i'll list all the achievements and tell what is wrong with them:

All the achievements above can be unlocked in VS mode, just select the planet and they will pop up.

The achievements above have a weird pattern to pop out, some kills doesnt count and sometimes the counter increases at random. The only thing that really work was killing the enemy using the "floor bombs" when they're behind you, kill with shots and missiles doesnt count. And i guess the times an enemy kill another enemy, it also counts... I dunno, that seems very random to me.

Apart from the description, it looks like it have an "difficulty" condition that is not said in the achievement, especially the . I can finish the game using a Battle Trak on Rookie, but the achievement just poped when i finished on Veteran, but that is not said in the description.

That one is fully random, ive done a lot of "Lap Advantage" over the game but that one appeared outta nowhere.

Well, in the end, the whole set is "working", but it needs a lot of optimization, fixing a lot of bugs and breachs (like the VS mode).

I can help trying to fix this, since MGA doesn't seem very "active" in the community anymore.
Posted: 15 Nov, 2019 03:58
Last Edit: 15 Nov, 2019 05:39

Fridilipi I'm debugging this game, these "kill X enemy X times" are confusing because I checked the addresses and found that it's impossible to detect who kills who. So, I clarified it on descriptions, now the players will understand why they pop up even when we don't kill the enemy specified because other enemies kills on them also count.
Posted: 15 Nov, 2019 04:03
Last Edit: 15 Nov, 2019 04:37

Also, I fixed the achievements that were popping up just by entering the VS mode and fixed the achivements that weren't mentioning the difficulty.
Posted: 15 Nov, 2019 05:44
Last Edit: 15 Nov, 2019 05:45

THIS GAME WAS TICKET BUSTED! No more open tickets for broken cheevos now.

Posted: 18 Jul, 2020 04:15

Rock 'n Roll Racing GBA
400 >345

Beat levels 5 > 10
Beat Game 30 > 25
Challenges for individual races 40 > 10
Lap an opponent 45 > 10
Posted: 17 Jun, 2021 23:11
Last Edit: 20 Jun, 2021 21:00

Rescore proposal for 2 achievements.

> 50

> 50

I think that to beat the game with such hard and specific conditions like those deserves more points.

Edit: Rescore approved and done. Also increased points for beating the game with specific conditions of other racers too. 10>25
Also "who needs arms" 10>25.

In my opinion the score is fair now. I'm not the author, but I'm taking care and resolving tickets of this set for years.


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