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Dragon Quest I & II

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CormacR06 Jun, 2015 15:24(Edited 10 Jan, 2019 01:45)
Official Topic Post for discussion about Dragon Quest I & II (SNES) Dragon Quest I & II (SNES)
Created 06 Jun, 2015 16:24 by CormacR

1. Dragon Quest I & II (Japan).sfc
RA Checksum: 1def71b5557cc6bb7402281d888cae80
CRC32 Checksum: 98BB6853

2. Dragon Quest I & II [T+Eng2.0_DQ_RPGONE].sfc
RA Checksum: 7dd0c11fedca7ac517c2480533afbecf
CRC32 Checksum: B5AE1E89

3. Dragon Quest I & II [T+Eng2.0_DW_RPGONE].sfc
RA Checksum: 153bf4cd05d8f4bdee2ab734a28b8c7f
CRC32 Checksum: 80C078FF

CormacR06 Jun, 2015 15:26
Aqui abre-se uma discussão sobre o jogo Dragon Quest I de SNES.
Citan22 Jan, 2018 14:51(Edited 22 Jan, 2018 16:43)
I would this game to have achievements.
Johnnydemo26 Sep, 2018 04:36(Edited 26 Sep, 2018 15:41)
Would it be possible to port the NES achievements over to this one?
Jamiras27 Sep, 2018 13:05
Not really. Achievements rely on certain memory addresses having specific values, and those addresses won't be the same. While the NES achievements can be used as a template, someone would effectively be creating a brand new set from scratch.

This is a game that I have interest in doing, but I don't see myself getting to it any time soon.
kerred08 Jan, 2019 22:09(Edited 09 Jan, 2019 02:39)
I was going to try making achievements, but I have 3 different checksums for DQ1&2 (english translated) game and none match the checksums in the hashes.

Two are the same as I can tell, both rpgone Versions 2.0.DQ on the splash screen that loads.

One I have is the what I assume was the original Japan rip. This will be tricky as I'd prefer an english one, yet something that can be useable for the next decade for everyone. Thoughts?
Jamiras10 Jan, 2019 01:50
There were two hashes linked, neither of which matched up to any of the files I had. I've added three new hashes - the no-intro Japan ROM, and that ROM with the DQ and DW patches applied. All three hashes are headerless, but the IPS required a headered ROM, so if you're patching yourself, you may need to add a header, patch, then remove the header. The two original hashes were not removed at this time.
kerred12 Jan, 2019 02:33(Edited 22 Jan, 2019 18:19)
All right, thanks for your help! I got my first achievment to work! here is what I found so far:

00e107 = if 12, then Dragon Quest 1 is loaded. If 00, then Dragon Quest 2 is loaded
00e106 = if bf, then DRagon Quest 1 is loaded. If 00, then DQ2 is loaded
00e105 = if 1b, then DQ1. If 00 then DQ2
00e104 = if 1f, then DQ1. If 00, then DQ2.

I'm still seeing if these values change during which game you have running.

000c01 = Experience (both DQ1 and DQ2)
000c81 = Gold (DQ1, haven't tested with DQ2 yet)
000c01 = Level (DQ2, haven't tested with DQ2 yet)

000f2b = Type of monster. 01=slime. 02=red slime. 03=Drakee. 04=Ghost

000153 = if 16, monster was defeated in DQ1 (value changes after defeated message)
0006b2 = if 38, monster was defeated in DQ1 (value changes after defeated message)
002d8e = if 33, monster was defeated in DQ1 (value changes after defeated message)
kerred22 Jan, 2019 18:19(Edited 23 Jan, 2019 02:06)
I submitted my first 3 achievements :D. Hope it works. Tried to do multiple things to get them not to trigger, but so far they worked.
kerred29 Jan, 2019 14:11
Sadly I won't have time to continue this but was fun to try out. I noted as many addresses as I could to hopefully save someone the hours I spent getting things started. Good luck!
jos01 Aug, 2019 21:20
Hi, i'll be working on this game from now, and i'll post a plan in the next days.
jos02 Aug, 2019 17:20(Edited 02 Aug, 2019 17:26)
Here's the set plan i'll do (may remove/add some achievements while i'm doing the set):
[Common to both games]
- Get X key item (e.g. keys, rain staff, mirror of ra...)
- Get X minor item (e.g. warrior ring, death necklace...)
- Defeat rare enemies (Metal Slime, Liquid Metal Slime)
- Beat bosses (Green Dragon, Golem, Final bosses...)

- Beat Golem without using the flute (may not add it if it's too grindy)
- Build the bridge to Dragonlord's castle
- Rule the world with the Dragonlord
- 2 cheevos for going with the pricess to the dragonlord and the king

- Cheevos for getting party members
- Visit the grandson of the dragonlord
- Beat Malroth with only 2 party members
- Get the golden card (unsure about this)

I'm open to suggestions.
Johnnydemo02 Aug, 2019 17:37
Thank you so much for your efforts.

- Getting Erdick’s token (although you might already have this in mind)
- Lighting a torch

Something with Rhone like gaining a level, because everybody has to grind here at some point.

Johnnydemo02 Aug, 2019 17:37(Edited 02 Aug, 2019 17:37)
I’ll try and think of more
jos02 Aug, 2019 17:47
I'll probably add cheevos for getting all the spells, that'd be around level 20 for DQ1 and level ~25-30 for DQ2, but one thing i didn't like of the OG NES versions were the reach X level cheevos, so i'll try to keep grinding cheevos at the minimum, and yes I'll include the Erdrick's token, not sure about the torch tho, we will see, thanks for the suggestions.
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