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June 1 2022, 8:39pm, edited June 26 2022, 1:50am

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Created 1 Jun, 2022 20:39 by zxmega

Emulation Notes:
The game doesn't emulate at full FPS with the default PCSX2 settings, so it is needed to overclock the EE to 130% or higher if you want a smoother experience.

Set Info:
All cheats that gives a gameplay advantage are blocked. That means that drunk driving is allowed, for example.

Set Coded by: zxmega
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June 2 2022, 1:10pm

I played this one on my GameCube. Multiple times.

The fact any port is getting cheevies fills me with unyielding joy.

Make it happen sir! =D

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June 3 2022, 2:22pm


Thanks zxmega for claiming this I've 100% this so many times on ps2 and now I can do it again and show it off!

Looking forward to seeing the set progress through the plan! :)

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June 3 2022, 2:27pm

Well it seems I got my PS2 game for the Challenge League if they realise the console this year


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June 15 2022, 9:38am, edited June 15 2022, 9:39am

Awesome thanks for claiming this :) Have you considered doing any achievements for the bonus game in the main menu? Maybe for winning the races on each level there?


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June 15 2022, 12:55pm

Yes, I forgot to add them to the plan, but there will be at least one achievement for beating the race on each level, I don't plan to add much besides it on this game mode.

Taking this as a opportunity to give updates, the Rich Presence is finished and memory mapping is 90% done, progression and 100% achievements are ready to be made, all I need to find now are the addresses related to missions to work on mission challenges.

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June 17 2022, 8:41am

Thanks for taking the time to create this set. I love this game so much, it was a big part of my early gaming life.

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June 19 2022, 5:16am

I've just noticed that you haven't included the collector cards on your roadmap I'm sure you were already including them but I thought I would let you know anyways :)

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June 28 2022, 8:39am, edited July 3 2022, 4:17pm

I just remembered that there's 1 bonus mission per level too maybe those could get a achievement each too?

Edit: realised it's already in there My bad ๐Ÿ˜…

September 22 2022, 4:06pm

I did notice there's an achievement for watching the bonus movie.

That, right there, is your 'Get all collector cards' achievement! =)

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September 22 2022, 4:20pm

I never finished this game cause each time i reach world 4 (marge) i get filtered by huge difficulty spike on an kinda unfair mission. Hope this next time will not be the case

September 22 2022, 4:23pm, edited September 22 2022, 4:25pm

What mission would that be, if I may ask? I've gone through the game so many times I actually got desensitized by any noticeable difficulty spikes (If there were any, I honestly can't remember...I may have blocked it out of my head).

...Well...Now that I'm trying to think, there was the one with collecting the Tomacco plants...That one was kind of gnarly...

September 23 2022, 5:05am

Regarding the framerate, I was just futzing around with PCSX2's settings and, in my experience, found no difference with the EE at 100% or 130% (If you were to, say, start a new game, enter the Simpsons house and have Bart talk when approaching the TV, the game will still slow down). In fact, performance got even slower as I punched the EE percentage upward.

So I went in reverse and set it at 75%, and that gave me a consistent 60FPS on video, with the game FPS moving between 45 and 55 - not low-enough to be noticeable to the eye. You could, in theory, adjust the Cycle Skip to also improve the video framerate (and keep the overclock at 100%), but that introduced audio-skipping during speaking scenes in my testing, so maybe that's not ideal?

If anyone wishes to confirm or adjust my discoveries, maybe we can find a proper solution for the framerate situation on this one. I'm checking the PCSX2 Hit & Run compatibility page on this, which mentions nothing about slowdown/framerate issues, and I'm using the current nightly build...

October 1 2022, 10:13pm

Update: FolkSong suggests the 'Vulkan' graphics renderer, and it's a deal of an improvement; Cycle-rate remains stable, even at 180%!
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