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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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voiceofautumn21 May, 2022 06:41(Edited 04 Feb, 2023 11:26)
Official Topic Post for discussion about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PlayStation 2) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PlayStation 2)
Created 21 May, 2022 06:41 by voiceofautumn

Coded by: voiceofautumn & DanielARP
Badges by: voiceofautumn & DanielARP
RP by: DanielARP

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (USA) (v1.03).iso
RA Checksum: fe8b1b6c64c24e7eaaef6de8af1aeb9e

Using cheat's at any point will permanently lock achievements & your save file if you use them. Make sure to not save the game if you use any if you want the file to be eligible for achievements. 
Dazzman21 May, 2022 07:43
It's happening! Most exciting news all year! Bring on PS2! This is an absolutely huge game which has great potential for achievements. The whole trilogy is amazing and genuinely excited for these sets.
DanielARP21 May, 2022 10:02
I'd like to kindly claim this game
voiceofautumn21 May, 2022 10:14(Edited 27 Jun, 2022 23:33)
I'd like to kindly collaborate with Daniel


[DevQuest 010] It Takes Two (Events) [DevQuest 010] It Takes Two (Events)
voiceofautumn21 May, 2022 10:14(Edited 21 May, 2022 10:18)
FlameMan09 Aug, 2022 17:41
I'd be great to have achievements which we had in original PS3/PS4 versions. See the list for reference.
Tuskkar19 Sep, 2022 02:25
317 achievements planed? This will be epic.
BubbleRoxie24 Sep, 2022 00:13
Just have to ask out of curiosity, will this be made for the very original PS2 version, or the revamped PS2 version from a few months later with some things fixed or removed (like Hot Coffee)?
SuperMeatBro24 Sep, 2022 03:08
It says 1.03 in the first post, so no hot-coffee
BubbleRoxie24 Sep, 2022 04:39
Ah I was confused cause a Reddit post said 1.03 was the very first edition of the game (which sounds a little confusing).
LordAndrew24 Sep, 2022 05:28
The first US release of this game is version 1.03 and the revised version is 3.00. 1.00 and other version numbers only existed during development and weren't publicly released.
SuperMeatBro24 Sep, 2022 09:34
I didnt know that. Sorry ๐Ÿ˜…
Freakservo24 Sep, 2022 18:12
I'll be honest, that's very interesting trivia!

I had to look this up, but it was a bit confusing trying to find information on version revisions...: If TCRF is anything to go by, 1.00 did get a retail release on the PC, and Hot Coffee was disabled by 1.01.

Is that right...? I see nothing about console versions, but I remember some people claiming they could Game Shark that stuff back in the day, before the recall and AO slap...
Soulsderfuchs25 Sep, 2022 00:11
The retail PS2 v1.03 release that's currently linked still has the Hot Coffee assests and infact it can be accesed by just flipping a bit in a savefile.
Freakservo25 Sep, 2022 00:37
Okee, that could be nifty.

Just one final bit of clarification I need, though...And trust me when I say I have NO CLUE why I'm obsessing over this thing as hard as I am...;

This article in particular claims that the Hot Coffee thingy is available in 'all copies' of San Andreas, but 'switched off'. Per the article...:

"Speculation is that San Andreas and the GTA remasters were removed because of Hot Coffee...but the reality is the content is included in all copies of San Andreas from the PS2 era onward. It's just been switched off by developers."

I assume you mean that save file bit-flip?

Now...I don't claim this article as the 'absolute truth'. Heck, I've never even heard of 'TweakTown' before this! For all I know it's a troll-site and I've been completely duped! And the Twitter post in that article seems to indicate something more had been removed than a simple 'off switch'.

I'm no hacker. If it's in there, it's in there, and if it's not, it's not. I've never been daring enough to break a game and find out.

But if it's always been inside the game and R* has been telling us otherwise...Well that's just silly!!
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