Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

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TheMysticalOne20 Nov, 2022 12:24
I'd have to do a fair bit of compatibility work since I know some cutscene related achievements would be an issue.
Gogeta7620 Nov, 2022 14:08
adventureFAN sadly no due to the pal 50Hz well optimised for the case the game is slower itself in PAL for Dragon Quest 8 ( i am french so i talk in knowledge

In Dragon quest we doesnt have black bar on top and down of the screen (same for FFXII) at least but game is slower so different timing for memory for sure.
adventureFAN22 Nov, 2022 21:44(Edited 22 Nov, 2022 21:51)
Okey... so sad =(

But I have no problems with the 50fps in PAL games generally.
Superbegita23 Nov, 2022 03:16
Yes i agree it will work in pal 50Hz but almost always the acheviements won't be compatible, by experience only handheld console because PAL/NTSC format for games doesn't exist so no problem.. And yet there is weird case Golden sun Dark Dawn (Obscure Aurore in french)

I use the ntsc us version and have know the french so PAL one (same for spanish, german etc al pal versions) . Yes the game is slower in pal version than NTSC one (because of the 60Hz witch is..better that the pal 50Hz) and no black bar.

Dragon Quest VIII is one the few that was enough well optimized for pal country , but we can't have both no black bar (pal doesn't have on the screen indeed) and quick as the ntsc release (and indeed Dragon Quest VIII is slower than the ntsc us/jap version but it's expected either that or black bar, or much worse both in same time i have know this era..sadly...

Talk to you FFX in pal version or Kingdom hearts and well much others.

Honestly i will be happy for the translation of course but i know the downside of pal version on home consoles (well..for being fair before the hdmi era

You can trust me but myself i have ask when it's was technically possible and the hash isn't affected for, i think the both Golden sun in french for gba and Breath of fire IV by ex it's me who ask some developers to add the french versions.

However, you have an option a test one of pcsx2 who noramlly allow you to test acheviement for game not compatible yet ?
atratus23 Nov, 2022 03:19
You know, I never thought of that. Portables don't have the same problem hz wise. I for some reason just always figured euro portables were the same hz lmao as console.
Yanakool23 Nov, 2022 23:26
I see that a 60fps patched version was added to the linked hashes, but I can't find where that patch might be located and don't see any mention of it in this thread! I know there's a pnach cheat file to make the game 60fps, but cheats are disabled in hardcore mode so I assume that isn't it.

Can anyone help me out?
TheMysticalOne23 Nov, 2022 23:46
I'm waiting for it to get added to RA patches, then I'll add a link to the first post.
Yanakool24 Nov, 2022 15:10
Oh! Okay, guess I jumped the gun. Thanks, MysticalOne.
GizmoMonkey24 Nov, 2022 15:18
This is fantastic the game looks great at 60fps.
Thanks for supporting it (if possible)
TheMysticalOne24 Nov, 2022 15:25(Edited 24 Nov, 2022 15:27)
Adding the patch link now
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