Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

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Olafur21 Sep, 2022 20:26
I looked at the list and gotta say, looks fantastic! But a few things to point out.

Hoarder Hero and Peerless Protector. Shouldn't those be marked missable? And how about also having a constant challenge indicator to give you a constant reminder to not sell anything or get your ass kicked?

Also, Gemonstratable Superiority made me go "COR BLIMEY!"

Speaking of Cor Blimey, I noticed the missable ones are tagged as such in the description rather than the name. Was that intentional?
TheMysticalOne21 Sep, 2022 20:37
Oops. I'll get it he full game challenges marked. The COR BLIMEYs are in the description because it looked better when popping. I may move everything, or prefix the description. Unsure
atratus21 Sep, 2022 20:45
So, question for those who played this before: Goin in blind, how many different saves should I expect to have goin in? With FFT PSP I kept 8 around for different events to keep it easy, so I am thinking 10 ish for this?
Olafur21 Sep, 2022 20:53
to be perfectly fair, even if it wasn't for the "no wipeout" challenge, I would have reloaded everytime anyway because my pride would never let me accept a wipeout on my record XD

And atratus, the game is really massive with quite some boss challenges to do, some more tricky than others. I would go in with 2 savefiles, maybe more if you're gonna tackle the subset at the same time. This number might increase, depending on the rest of the cheevos that still need to be fully coded.
Freakservo21 Sep, 2022 23:12
The common RPG credo has always been to 'Save Wise, Save Often'. But I guess the addendum to that would be 'If you have extra save slots, use 'em'. If you're OCD with your saves as I am (I must clean my save files if I've either beaten a game or haven't played it in some time. It's an odd quirk of mine) and you're the type that level-grinds until you're a fraggin' powerhouse (Another quirk), then two is ideal.

Otherwise, go nuts. You never know where you'll get stuck. And as Olafur said, the game is ginormous; It's still baffling how they fit it all on a single DVD. =)
Olafur21 Sep, 2022 23:23(Edited 21 Sep, 2022 23:23)
the only real boss challenge you should be on the lookout for is the one with Dhoulmagus. For Omniheal and Hustle Dance, you can avoid learning those by not investing too many skill points in Party Member 1 (Hero) and Party Member 3 unique skill tree, but Party Member 4 will learn Multiheal at level 30 so you can't level grind too much for that one. So yeah, that seems to be the only one you can miss by leveling too much XD
atratus21 Sep, 2022 23:44
sounds good ty guys
Andrewgomez90421 Sep, 2022 23:53
@TheMysticalOne Do you have any recommendations for how to approach doing this set and the subset? Like should I save before the first boss, then switch to the subset to do the item drop grind, then go back and do the challenge?
TheMysticalOne21 Sep, 2022 23:54
I honestly have no clue how to approach doing both at the same time.

I'm kinda hoping subsets alongside core is a feature that comes in the next year so we no longer have to think about it
Olafur22 Sep, 2022 00:32
honestly Andrew, that's what I'm gonna be doing. I'll just look over the main set to see if I'm about to hit something special and if nothing, I'll swap to the subset and just grind on all the enemies until I get the loot drops, then swap back. While keeping some backups just in case.
TheMysticalOne23 Sep, 2022 02:21
Most of the achievements are in unofficial now. I have the misc challenges and battle records stuff left to push. Most of those are done, but I was debating achievements for some of the special monster teams, and I'd want to publish those before the misc challenges.

Gollawiz has been populating the badges over time, so the [?]'s will vanish in due time.
Olafur23 Sep, 2022 02:56
Looks interesting! Seems like Rank C Monster Arena is missing though. But glad to see this right before i finally got my ass to bed.
TheMysticalOne23 Sep, 2022 03:00
It's not missing; you just don't really get anything interesting for it, so I left it out. Same with Rank G with is trivially easy.
Olafur23 Sep, 2022 10:09
hmmm fair enough. But also looking at it again, I have a question. I can understand brewing 30 things on the basic alchemy pot being missable, but why is brewing 100 things on the improved one missable? On that note, can I just make the same thing 30 times or does it need to be 30 unique things?
TheMysticalOne23 Sep, 2022 10:10
Doesn't have to be unique things. The improved pot one is missable once you have the ultimate pot from the post game.
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