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1.1  Chrono Cross (USA) (Disc 1) [SLUS_010.41] 
RA Checksum: 6f89a01fd2a2ddbc04e23e836f808a2e
1.2  Chrono Cross (USA) (Disc 2) [SLUS_010.80] 
RA Checksum: f1a039e053930537af3bf7970c1e551b

2.1 Chrono Cross (USA) (Disc 1) [SLUS_010.41] + Portuguese [Br] by "Games Live - v1.0"
RA checksum: 3e4bbb093dc7a0de8120c3136cd9b808
2.2 Chrono Cross (USA) (Disc 2) [SLUS_010.80] + Portuguese [Br] by "Games Live - v1.0"
RA checksum: 7af3815e2d153fcc0447230f5d64e2ae

3.1 Chrono Cross (USA) (Disc 1) [SLUS_010.41] + Spanish by darkchuga
RA checksum: 82597be85af023c03f914cef4f089e16
3.2 Chrono Cross (USA) (Disc 2) [SLUS_010.80] + Spanish by darkchuga
RA checksum: d53dce448595e8db0329cb77d16c3160

4.1 Chrono Cross (USA) (Disc 1) [SLUS_010.41] + Italian by Sadnescity
RA checksum: 768ebd2c0f10650c521ba3a642e8118c
4.2 Chrono Cross (USA) (Disc 2) [SLUS_010.80] + Italian by Sadnescity
RA checksum: c70860d8ae34d6d6e4267860ad5bbd2e

5.1 Chrono Cross (USA) (Disc 1) [SLUS_010.41] + French by Terminus v1.1b
RA checksum: 4639202c4b261cbe32e96baa63bed493
5.2 Chrono Cross (USA) (Disc 2) [SLUS_010.80] + French by Terminus v1.1b
RA checksum: 3205c5e7677dbf23184e9c25f250aeb9

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Looks like there are two separate achievements for healing Kid, Riding to Kids Rescue (missable, 17%) and Trapped in the Past (non-missable, 12%). I've been able to work out that the first playthrough needs to follow the Guile+save Kid path for the minimum number of playthroughs, but I'm a bit confused because more folks have unlocked the "missable" cheevo than the non-missable, by nearly a good one-third.

Initially I assumed Riding to Kids Rescue was awarded for simply agreeing to help Kid, and Trapped in the Past for actually saving her, but a comment on the former's achievement page specifies that it pops when Kid wakes up.

Wondering if a kind stranger can clarify the difference between the cheevos? Does Trapped in the Past, given its title, perhaps have something to do with
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the orphanage flashback and/or Kid's Lv7 tech?


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Sorry for the delayed response. For some reason i wasn't subscribed in this forum even though i created the first post and i never see these last posts.

The Riding to Kids Rescue Riding to Kids Rescue (5) is missable because you are given a dialog choice if you want to help kid or move on with your quests.
The Trapped in the Past Trapped in the Past (5) if i am not mistaken is a progression achievement near the end of the game (after Lucca's Orphanage).

The difference in the unlocked percent is because not everyone that begin a game goes for 100% or even finish it.

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Thanks for allowing the portuguese translated ROM to be played. It's awesome!

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