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Created 24 May, 2015 07:48 by protoman

1. Wario Land 4 (USA, Europe).gba
Wario Land 4 (UE) [!].gba
RA Checksum: 5fe47355a33e3fabec2a1607af88a404
CRC32 Checksum: D6141609

2. Wario Land 4 (UE) [T+FreRC1_Pocket Traduction].gba
RA Checksum: 7fd9140d1985df814eb543de6330454a
CRC32 Checksum: EECF95AB

3. Wario Land 4 (E)(Mode7) [T-BR] [T-Merlim G-Trans-Center] [V-1.0 A-2014].gba
RA Checksum: c4f6c86b801e8fb0e92a5050a8d97972
CRC32 Checksum: 5A9C25C3


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Hi, I just wanted to report the bug about the "Bested" achievements.
I got "Bested Cractus" at the same time as "Bested Golden Diva" though I missed it during the adventure. The bug is still present.
Thank you for your hard work.

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I made 5 new cheevos related to the golden crowns.

[void] [void] (5)
[void] [void] (10)
[void] [void] (10)
[void] [void] (10)
[void] [void] (10)

Free for improvement

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I coming for report this :

[ Defeat aerodent ] 10
[ Defeat catbat ] 10
[ Golden passage ] 10

3 trophy who don't work for me :( can you help me ?? have a nice day.

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I've fixed up all 3 of these achievements but because they're save protected you're going to need to get a manual unlock (Or go back to a previous save and beat them again). If you PM RAdmin you can ask for a manual unlock. Be sure to have proof (an image with your username on it like this will work: https://i.imgur.com/C2bpDdp.png).

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December 3 2018, 2:17am

Don't worry i will make it again, i don't know how take a photo but the game is not long i will make a new game, thank you really much for your good work big thanks.

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February 1 2019, 9:37pm

New icon vote won 29 to 4. Archive of previous game icon which lost to current via community vote

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Revision proposal:

I'd like to add new achievements to this set as I feel it's lacking some challenges, aside from the No Damage boss fights (which are fun and challenging, but doesn't bring enough to the set IMO).

I plan to add:

Gold Crown achievements: Players will need to get 10,000 or more score for a stage to obtain the gold crown for it. Lucoshi has already made Unofficial versions of these, but I'll be creating my own. Still debating on if it should be one cheevo for each level, or one for each passage.

Complete Stage within X time: Generic complete stage with X time left on clock. Normal, Hard and Super Hard all have the Escape timer start at different times. As an example, the tutorial stage "Hall of Hieroglyphs" has a timer of 1:00 on normal mode, 0:15 on Hard and 2:30 on Super Hard (The timer is at the start of the level, rather than the end this time) -- Because of this, I'll be using Alt Groups for each mode rather than forcing players to play on one difficulty.

Wario Karaoke: Yep, karaoke. I was never aware of this. Cute little easter egg that you activate in the games Sound Room with a few button inputs. Will be a 1 pointer.

Minigame Achievements: Because Infernox kindly asked.

And maybe more!

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July 21 2021, 9:19pm

i swear i beat Catbat without ever getting a big head and not using items, what i am doing wrong?


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August 14 2022, 8:00pm

the old icon was outvoted and replaced, heres a backup

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Some more ideas for achievements:
- Getting all chests for each boss
- Getting all 12 chests and completing the game which results in 4 different forms of the princess: https://www.mariowiki.com/Treasure_chest_(Wario_Land_4)
- Speedrun for the final Golden Passage level
- Some more content for S-Hard mode, maybe like beating each boss? It's kinda rough to play the entire game again on S-Hard mode for just 1 final boss cheevo
- I think there is a unique art piece shown at the end of the game only if you win with all chests on S-Hard mode (Wario holding two women next to his car)
- Perhaps low coin runs for each level could be fun


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November 5 2022, 5:28pm

Ninja Gaiden (Master System) Ninja Gaiden (Master System)


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June 18 2023, 6:47pm

There should've been an achievement for finding the bonus rooms for each level, would've been pretty cool.

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August 25 2023, 1:45am

Could you also include Wario Land 4: Jungle Rumble! as an acceptable rom for achievements?

All it adds to the game is rumble support.


Seems like a fun way to play this title. :)

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