Mr. Driller

ventuz10 Apr, 2022 07:09(Edited 03 May, 2022 23:14)
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Mr. Driller (Japan)
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ventuz10 Apr, 2022 07:09
ventuz12 Apr, 2022 13:25(Edited 16 Apr, 2022 00:47)
Hello. There isn't much translation needed. You can even play it without knowing how to read Japanese writing.

To navigate thru menu:

1. Blue box, red color "500m" is seen in description box: This is 500m challenge.
2. Red box, red color "1000m" is seen in description box: This is 1000m challenge.
3. Yellow box: This is Endless mode, starting depth is written in English.
4. Green box: This is Records, just to view your high score / ranking.

Gameplay is simple, I'm sure you can figure out just by playing. Have fun.
DoctorV29 Dec, 2022 08:31
The icon has been outvoted and replaced. Here is a backup of the previous one:

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