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Daily DistRActions Season 2

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Posted: 23 Jun, 2022 02:31

Posted: 23 Jun, 2022 02:35
Last Edit: 23 Jun, 2022 02:37

Distraction 84 (RAlphabet) is done!

Distractions Done: 51/53
Bonus Points: 09/10
Post-Badge Points: 6
Rewind Tokens: 0/3
Points: 66/60

All Distractions:
Spoiler (Click to show):
Distraction 1 (Console Connoisseur)

Distraction 2 (Cracking the Code)

Distraction 3 (Passionate Publisher)

Distraction 4 (Leaderboard Legend)

15.500 Points

Distraction 5 (RAlphabet) + Bonus 1


Distraction 6 (LeapFrog Extreme Edition)

Distraction 7 (VGM Appreciation)

There weren't that many songs from the third generation that stuck with me, even though I played the NES Mega Man games multiple times, but this Little Samson song stuck with me a lot in some way, even though I only played the game once to master it on my old RA account, while the songs of the other 3 characters are very happy, they weren't so memorable for me, now the Gamm theme is a little more serious and it fit the character really well somehow, I like it a lot. And it also was used in Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest 2 and Episode Zero, which made this song even harder to forget, this damn cursor!

Distraction 8 (Hack Hero)

Distraction 9 (Genre Gamer)

Distraction 10 (Challenger Approaching) + Bonus 2

Spoiler (Click to show):
The entire Story Mode is just you fighting the evil clones of the Justice League + the 3 final bosses which are all DC Villains (Despero, Cheetah and Darkseid), defeat them all is mandatory to win story mode, no matter which difficulty you are playing

Distraction 11 (Holiday Hoedown)

Distraction 12 (What’s All the Hubbub, Bub?) 🌟

Distraction 13 (There I Am, Gary!)

Distraction 14 (YouTube Haiku)

Distraction 15 (Ticket to Ride Jr.) + Bonus 3

Distraction 16 (Portrait of an Achiever)

Distraction 17 (Bendyhuman’s Master Quest)

Distraction 18 (RAlphabet)

Distraction 19 (LeapFrog Extreme Edition)

Distraction 20 (The Unwanted) + Bonus 4

Distraction 21 (Delightful Developer)

Distraction 22 (What’s All the Hubbub, Bub?)

Distraction 23 (The Day in Gaming)
Although Duck Tales 2 wasn't as popular as the first one, it still was a great time, if you liked the original, the sequel is more of the same, only with upgrades to the Scrooge's stick (👀) and the game has a shop to buy items after you leave/beat a level, unlike the original game that money only serves to define which ending you will have (and getting the bad ending is less weird here, althrough it still takes more effort to get it than get the normal/best endings), Capcom brought so many great Disney games back in the day.

Distraction 24 (Subset Savant)

Distraction 25 (Pumpkin King) + Bonus 5

For B5, I commented in wesleyp1's wall
It's Pumpkin King Month! *Spooky Dance*

Distraction 26 (Word Up)

Distraction 27 (LeapFrog Extreme Edition)

Distraction 28 (Homebrew Hotshot)

Distraction 29 (Point Producer)

Distraction 30 (Bendyhuman’s Master Quest) + Bonus 6

Distraction 31 (VGM Appreciation)

The Wii is for sure one of the most nostalgic consoles for me, I have so many fond memories playing Super Smash Bros Brawl, Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and such. But one of his games that marked me the most was Mario Kart Wii, even though it is considered super broken in many ways, to this day I still have a lot of fun playing it with 2 other players, but since my Wii stoped working years ago, now days I only play it and some other Wii games on Dolphin.

Distraction 32 (What’s All the Hubbub, Bub?)

Distraction 33 (It Was a Very Good Year)

Distraction 34 (Master of the Day)

Distraction 35 (Play This Set) 🌟

One of the best ways to play Bomberman, the game has aged super well graphically and is one of the most beautiful games in the franchise, in normal game all worlds are very unique and each level introduces something new to the table, being different enemies, new mechanics, very fun boss fights, etc. The game also introduces Tirras, they are similar to Louies, but you can make each of them stronger individually during gameplay. In addition, there is also the Master Game in which you climb several floors until you reach the last boss of this mode, and of course, Battle Mode which is at it's best here with various customizations from the previous games and having the possibility to play up to 8 players in normal stages, and having the possibility of up to 10 players in the wide stage. About the set itself it is very simple, just finish the normal and master game, get a certain amount of points and win some matches in battle mode, I recommend it to anyone who wants a very chll mastery.

Bonus 7 (Wish This Set) 🌟

The most unique version of Mickey Mania, not only the graphics have been completely reworked to take advantage of the console, but this version also includes all the stages from the previous versions plus a few more! About the game itself, it's a very simple platform game in design, you just jump and throw marbles most of the time, but each of the levels are quite varied and takes place in several old Mickey shorts and the game is very challenging, which keeps you interested in playing from start to finish. It would be interesting to see how different this set could be compared to the SNES and Mega Drive sets.

Distraction 36 (Homebrew Hotshot)

Distraction 37 (Hack Hero)

Distraction 38 (Question of the Day)
SNES, not only it was my first experience with videogames, but it also defined my love for platformers, and to this day it's gigantic library surprises me with their quality

Distraction 39 (Ah Ah Ah!)

Distraction 40 (Gold Trophy) + Bonus 8

Distraction 41 (Drawbage)

Distraction 42 (LeapFrog Extreme Edition)

Distraction 43 (Poetry and Prose)

Distraction 44 (Word Up)

Distraction 45 (It Was a Very Good Year) + Bonus 9


Distraction 46 (LeapFrog)

Distraction 47 (RAWR)

Distraction 48 (LeapFrog Lite Edition)

Distraction 49 (There I Am, Gary!) 🌟

Distraction 50 (Console Connoisseur), Bonus 10 Skipped

Distraction 51 (Question of the Day)

The game is mostly considered to be a Beat 'em Up, but the it also constantly changes the playstyle throughout the levels, there are several platform sessions, you surf in one level, one you ride a tricycle while a ball chases you, one you control a jet that doesn't shoot and has to dodge various things, and more. Not to mention Turbo Tunnel, which needs no introduction.

Distraction 52 (Gold Trophy)

Distraction 53 (Ah Ah Ah!)

Distraction 54 (Well-Wisher)
Made a comment in KingS1zzle's wall
Thanks for making the set for Ben 10 Protector of Earth, this game is very nostalgic for me and the set was very enjoyable, it was a pleasure to test it!

Distraction 63 (Build-A-Badge Workshop)

Distraction 81 (LeapFrog Extreme Edition)

Distraction 82 (Point Producer)

Distraction 83 (Question of the Day)
I would make a platformer in a similar way as Mega Man X, with several upgrades to get during the levels.

Distraction 84 (RAlphabet)
Posted: 23 Jun, 2022 02:45

Posted: 23 Jun, 2022 03:19

That spells FOLD!

Current Score: 100 (30 Softcore, 60 Hardcore, 108 max)
Total Missed: 0
Rewind Tokens: 0

Dog and Swim for tomorrow... Hmm...
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F -
O -
L -
D -

Good thing i had played Metroid Fusion last week cuz' i'm addicted to it and had a save to get the D letter, i really didn't wanted to play Mario Boss Rush hack or get the ice beam in Super Metroid
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