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televandalist26 Mar, 2022 12:30(Edited 26 Mar, 2022 12:31)
Official Topic Post for discussion about Silent Hill (PlayStation) Silent Hill (PlayStation)
Created 26 Mar, 2022 12:30 by televandalist

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Silent Hill (USA)
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Sephiroth98302 Apr, 2022 19:13(Edited 22 Apr, 2022 23:52)
Hello, the SLES-01514 / HASH-58F8ADB883D0359E version of the game which contains more languages including Italian, is not included on retroachievements. This is the redump link
Please see if you can help to include it, this game deserves our best efforts.
Sorry in case I posted in the wrong section, I hope this helps.
iamyokai15 Apr, 2022 10:34(Edited 22 Apr, 2022 23:52)
Can you also link the PAL version of the game. I prefer that one due to more agressive look of monster childs
Sephiroth98323 Apr, 2022 14:39
Pretty sure the one I linked is the PAL version since it contains Italian.
Peterbilt379Fan13 May, 2022 17:37
Love the total score for this one at 666 points.
Peterbilt379Fan13 May, 2022 17:37
Love the total score for this one at 666 points.
mkluis7721 Jul, 2022 18:55(Edited 21 Jul, 2022 18:56)
Retroachievements como sacar el trofeo Scary Harrry IV en Alt. Resort Silent Hill.

draemato25 Oct, 2022 13:32(Edited 25 Oct, 2022 17:16)
I agree with Sephiroth983. I also have this version of the game and it doesn't have achievements.
TheScholarFaust29 Oct, 2022 00:15(Edited 29 Oct, 2022 13:37)
I have 4 versions of Silent Hill and not a single one of them work for this. I don't even know where to find the version where this would actually work.
flooid8122 Dec, 2022 16:58(Edited 30 Dec, 2022 08:31)
Achievements are not working in Next Fear.
televandalist30 Dec, 2022 08:33
Achievements are not working in Next Fear.

Like I said in Ticket #54742 Ticket #54742, all basic progression is locked to a new game only. This is intended behavior.
ShadwSonic24 Mar, 2023 07:34
I've got a question: I was looking at Gamefaqs to see what the endings required, and noticed these two extras:

Get HyperBlaster without beating the game
To get a working HyperBlaster without finishing the game with a GOOD+ ending. Plug the old Konami LightGun (the HyperBlaster) into controller port 2 then start a new game. It'll be in your inventory.

Skip Final Boss
Before going down the stairs to fight the final boss, use up ALL of your ammunition. The game realizes that you have no ammunition, and will automatically skip the final boss battle.

Would either of these cause any problems?
foxsevent24 Mar, 2023 08:34
The first one you can't do as far as am aware no ps1 emulator has that specific guncon coded in, they all use a generic guncon for emulation which in this case doesn't work.

The second one ain't as simple as it's written there and it's partially wrong as it's not a skip.
The final battle ends when you do enough damage to the boss or you survive long enough, both depend on what difficulty you're playing, lack of ammo doesn't just straight up skip the fight from the start.
Fai1edMit0sis17 May, 2023 18:42(Edited 18 May, 2023 23:21)
Admin Edit: This is no different than flat out giving a link. Stop.
Sephiroth98317 May, 2023 20:03
@Fai1edMit0sis I would like it to work with the italian PAL version.
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