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Tokimeki Memorial - Densetsu no Ki no Shita de

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adamjohnny512 Mar, 2022 16:47(Edited 12 Mar, 2022 16:52)
Official Topic Post for discussion about Tokimeki Memorial: Densetsu no Ki no Shita de (SNES) Tokimeki Memorial: Densetsu no Ki no Shita de (SNES)
Created 12 March, 2022 15:08 by adamjohnny5

Tokimeki Memorial - Densetsu no Ki no Shita de (Japan) (Rev 1)-1.sfc + Heartthrob Memorial: Under the Tree of Legends MSU-1 Patch 
RA Checksum: 6006e58d6d256fca37033c842d4ce6a8
Note: The MSU-1 zip file comes with a detailed README on how to properly get this up and going. FYI. 

Official English Translation Page
Fandom Wiki w/ Useful Info
GameFAQs Stuff

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adamjohnny512 Mar, 2022 16:50
ThisIsDumb13 Mar, 2022 07:46
would this work without the ms1 patch?
adamjohnny513 Mar, 2022 07:48
i wont know until testing, but yeah probably. ill test multiple versions
robertya102714 Mar, 2022 08:43
First TNM, then Tokimeki Memorial, now what?
QATeam25 Mar, 2022 05:05
This set is now open for development.
SpaceRaton23 Apr, 2022 01:57(Edited 24 Apr, 2022 19:12)

I'd like to claim this title.
How long will it take to document and comprehend all of Tokimeki Memorial's moving parts and branching paths? Will winning the heart of Shiori Fujisaki yield upwards of fifty retro achievement "juice" points? Will the mere notion of engaging with the oft-maligned cartridge version of the game get me thoroughly roasted by the denizens of the Goblin Bunker? Stay tuned to "Space Raton in: Tokimeki Memorial".

(Also, submitting this for DevQuest 8.)
SpaceRaton24 Apr, 2022 19:10(Edited 24 Apr, 2022 19:11)
My general plan is to create achievements for every unique cutscene/event with each character, up to and including all of the endings.
Many sources online claim that the Super Famicom version of the game cut out several events that were in the disc versions, but unfortunately I have yet to find specific documentation of which events were cut. Determining the exact differences between this version and the better-documented disc versions may require some trial and error. If anyone has additional information on this, please let me know.
kiwibasket30 Apr, 2022 22:11
godspeed raton.......... i'll be cheering you on
i don't personally know enough about the original tokimeki to help, but japanese wikis might be the best bet. here's one that could be helpful:
SpaceRaton18 Jul, 2022 23:35(Edited 18 Jul, 2022 23:38)
Renewing my claim, here is a brief update:

I've completed and extensively cataloged playthroughs for every good ending. I'm ~95% confident that I've now seen all the content this version of the game has to offer - which, fortunately, is not actually as stripped-down compared to the disc releases as some media personalities might lead you to believe. My achievement plan is basically complete (100-ish achievements) and I've just started coding.
A complicating but promising bit of news has emerged though, as the translation team has recently announced that a substantial new update to the English patch is in the works. I don't know exactly what this will entail, my only speculation being that if we're lucky, it may involve more extensive use of MSU-1 features. Hopefully we'll know more soon.
robertya102726 Jul, 2022 06:10
@SpaceRaton, what about the bad ending?
SpaceRaton15 Sep, 2022 21:28
Hello everyone, I'm checking in with a brief status update. I am indeed still working on this, and even nearing release! As of this post my achievement plan is finalized (over 100 achievements), I've completed about 80% of the coding, and about 60% of the badges.

One major variable remains, which is testing the Japanese version of the game. Being illiterate in Japanese myself, I have primarily been using the English fan translation for development. Spot-checking has shown most of the important memory addresses are not modified by the translation, but at least a couple things are. I'd like to support both versions, but if doing so turns out to be especially labor-intensive, be aware that I may decide to release the set with only the English version supported at first.

Lastly, the translation team have not provided any further information about their planned update since my last post. I'll keep an eye out, but I'm not planning to delay the achievement set over it unless we get clear details soon.
robertya102722 Sep, 2022 10:51
More updates, @SpaceRaton?
robertya102704 Oct, 2022 06:09
More updates, @SpaceRaton
SpaceRaton29 Dec, 2022 23:18(Edited 29 Dec, 2022 23:19)
The achievement set is now live!
Keep an eye on this space, I'll post some amount of spoiler-lite guide in the near future.
And... I also have a challenge subset in the works, coming soon! More info to come.

As always, if you run into any issues with the achievements, including savestates and/or saveram files with your tickets is greatly appreciated.
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