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Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy

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RyudoSynbios21 Mar, 2023 08:13(Edited 21 Mar, 2023 10:29)
It's not a problem with isos, but with Retroarch PPSSPP Core that has not be updated for a while, it seems that it's a well known issue, i thought the USA version was ok but no...

Some people have no problem with the RALibretro version of Retroarch, it's limited but it's working
Braek21 Mar, 2023 10:10
@NedatWar, there is a "skip all cutscenes" in the game's options, maybe you could keep playing the game with this option, and look at the cutscenes on youtube, or just not watch them at all if you played the game before and you know what's going on.
NedatWar21 Mar, 2023 12:52
Okay, didn't know it was a known issue with the core. Thanks for the confirmation.

And I know I can, I was just hoping to not have to do so as I was really looking forward to replaying the game. It's been years since I started my original playthrough on my PSP Go, so I wanted to revisit the game albeit with an upscale. I'll probably sit on the replay for a bit and if nothing comes around, I'll just do that.
Thanks for the tip though.
grishka23 Mar, 2023 19:18(Edited 23 Mar, 2023 23:00)
here's my FC for easily farming some rare materials: electrum, scarletite, genji and adamantite stuff, megalixir, angels and the elusive tome of adventure. this will also drop artifacts for fast gil farming. here
AngeloLeonhart23 Mar, 2023 19:51
Thanks grishka, which folder do I put your FC file?
grishka23 Mar, 2023 20:43
in RA it's "saves/PSP/SAVEDATA/".
note that this is for the EU version of the game. if you're using the USA version, then you'll need to rename the directory to "ULUS10566FCard03".
grishka25 Mar, 2023 16:09
here's another. this one drops all eight tomes, plus dragon and machine equipment materials (dragon's tear and gear collection, respectively). additionally, Cloud will drop the 'allure of honey' set (+50% bonus to battlegen and equipment drops), which can be used to further expedite the material grinding process.
ilego25 May, 2023 19:42(Edited 25 May, 2023 22:06)
ilego25 May, 2023 19:44(Edited 25 May, 2023 22:06)
I just talk to developer of the core today he mentioned something about updating it (even though I updated it from standalone version)
RyudoSynbios26 May, 2023 06:42
ilego Yes, i think it's the same "issue".

Someone has updated the PPSSPP core few weeks ago but the experience was worst with Duodecim... The game was slower, he had to go back on the previous version.
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