QA Weekly Wrap: Jan 2nd, 2022 - Jan 8th, 2022


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January 9 2022, 11:03am, edited January 9 2022, 1:01pm

Sometimes life throws you a curveball, but that's why Dad bought you that baseball bat. Here's the new QA Weekly Wrap!

Claims, Demotions and Repairs:

- Demoted Close Call Close Call (10) for being an unwelcome concept.

- The following achievements from Smash Tennis (SNES) Smash Tennis (SNES) were demoted for being unwelcome concepts.
 + 99 Stars On the Court 99 Stars On the Court (10)
 + Are You Tim Henman? Are You Tim Henman? (25)
 + History Breaking History Breaking (25)
 + Is That You Andy roddick? Is That You Andy roddick? (25)
 + Hard Victory Hard Victory (25)
 + Grand Champion of Tennis Grand Champion of Tennis (50)
 + Winning! Winning! (10)
 + Smash Ball Smash Ball (25)
QATeam has decided that these achievements would be welcome in a Bonus set if a Developer desires to create one for this game.

Dev Quest 001
- Awarded to the following Developers: multonic, Etron, Snowpin and voiceofautumn.

Dev Quest 003
- Awarded to the following Developers: TheJediSonic, Brandovsky and Snowpin.

Dev Quest 005
- Award to ZZKer.

Dev Quest 006
- Awarded TheJediSonic for Popeye (ColecoVision) Popeye (ColecoVision).

- A user contacted us recently about an idea for a Pokemon Subset. While this user isn't a developer and has no plans to create the subset; I'd still like to pass on the idea for other developers to consider.
 + "Fire Red / Leaf Green Itemdex Subset. Itemdex would mean getting every item in the game that is available without glitches or cheating. This includes items in Pokemarts, the overworld visible and hidden items, key items, items from thief both from wild and trainer Pokemon, items only available from itemfinder and only available from Pickup Ability. There are also items available through sidequests and trainer tower at the end of the game. Some of these examples are berries that have a 1% chance to be obtained with pickup, Lucky Eggs on wild Chansey and Dragon Fang on wild Dragonair."

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