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🎊 🐯 🎊Achievement of the Week 2022!🎊 🐯 🎊

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Posted: 02 Jan, 2022 23:52
Last Edit: 04 Jul, 2022 03:14

🎊 🐯 🎊 Achievement of the Week 2022! 🎊 🐯 🎊

Current Achievement of the Week:

Active until Monday, July 11th at 00:00 GMT

Current Achievement of the Month:

It will run until Monday, August 1st at 00:00 GMT.

🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊

The Achievement of the Week (AotW) contest, as the name suggests, is held on a weekly basis. One achievement is chosen, and players aim to earn that achievement during the week of the contest. All you need to do is earn the featured achievement during that week, and you’ll be added to the leaderboard at the end of the week.

In addition, an achievement will be chosen the first Sunday of each month. Typically, these “Achievements of the Month” will be ones that take longer to earn. “Achievements of the Month” may include such things as late-game achievements in RPGs, challenging achievements in longer games, or “completionist” achievements.

Which achievement do I have to earn?
The chosen Achievement of the Week will be displayed on the site’s home page.
The Achievement of the Month will be announced here in this forum thread each month.

Both achievements will be listed at the top of this post.

Scoring system remains the same as for the 2021 season.
1 point is earned on the AotW Leaderboard each week if you earn the achievement in Hardcore mode.
1 point is earned for each Achievement of the Month you earn (in Hardcore).
The maximum number of points you can earn throughout the entire year is 52 weeks + 12 months = 64 total points.

This year we are offering 5 lifelines which you can use to help you along your yearly adventure. The first 4 are available to you as soon as you join the competition, while the 5th needs to be earned.

Please keep in mind that if you use a lifeline, you are one responsible notify the organizers of the achievement completion by posting in this topic.

❀️ Achievement of the Month Extension: Gives you an extra week to earn the current AotM. You can decide to use it starting one week after the current AotM has started, and up until one week after it has ended. So for example, for January's AotM, you can decide to use it as early as January 10th, and as late as February 13th (a week after January's AotM ended), but regardless of when you decide you want to use it, you only get until February 13th at 23:59:59 to earn it.

❀️ Swap out: Gives you the chance to swap out your AotW (only yours, wouldn't affect any other players) for an achievement from one of the other 4 game choices in that week's poll. You'd pick the game, and an achievement would be chosen from it that meets the guidelines (approximate time to earn and win percentage would be considered when picking one). The swap-out can be used for seasonal events as well. Note: Must be "redeemed" within the first 24 hours of that AotW going live.

❀️ AotM Swap out: Gives you the chance to swap out an AotM for another pre-selected achievement. Note: Must be "redeemed" within the first 7 days of that month’s AotM going live.

❀️ Second Chance: Earn an achievement you missed earlier in the year and use this to get credit for it. Can be redeemed any time before the end of the year and can be used for both weekly and monthly achievements.

πŸ’– Free Pass: This will allow you to skip any Achievement of the Week you wish - but only weekly achievements, it won't work for monthly achievements. You'll be able to use it to get credit for any AotW from 2022, even ones you missed earlier this year. You must earn the Free Pass lifeline by completing any 6 Achievements of the Month.

πŸ’ŸLifeline RefillsπŸ’Ÿ
[New!] This year, you’ll have a chance to earn back any lifelines you’ve used – the only exception being the Free Pass. By earning an Achievement of the Month, you can choose a lifeline you’ve used to earn back. Please let us know by posting in this topic which lifeline you wish to refill. You can only refill lifelines in this way, not earn any extras. No stockpiling!

-Year-End Awards: Awards will be given to players who have earned a certain amount of points on the Leaderboard by the end of 2022. There will be four tiers for this award:
πŸ†Champion’s Tier: 64 points
πŸ₯‡Gold Tier: 48-63 points
πŸ₯ˆSilver Tier: 30-47 points
πŸ₯‰Bronze Tier: 12-29 points

The 2022 season will start Monday, January 3, 2022, and finish Monday, January 2, 2023 (midnight server time).

The contest will begin weekly at 12:00am (midnight) GMT (server time) on Mondays.

Achievement Selection:
On Monday evenings, five games will be chosen at random in the #aotw-voting channel on the Discord server. On Tuesday evenings, a poll will be created. The poll will run until the following Monday morning at midnight (GMT). Vote counts will remain hidden until the results are revealed.
Once the game is revealed, discussion will take place on an appropriate achievement for the week. The new achievement will go live at midnight Monday morning (GMT).
Posted: 02 Jan, 2022 23:53
Last Edit: 27 Jun, 2022 00:03

🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊 🐯 🎊

AotW 2022 Leaderboard
Last Edited: June 16 (Only 3 June monthly points have been added at the moment)

pitapocket17 29
Ryudo 29
Braek 28
Cryarionic 28
DesertWorms 28
DoctorV 28
Fergdog 28
FlamingDoom 28
gertorg 28
GIGsnake 28
heintsi 28
HolyRayne 28
Pudpod 28
TheJediSonic 28
TheLooseGroose 28
Tirbaba 28
Xeinok 28
AuburnRDM 27
BahamutVoid 27
BubbleRoxie 27
Buiwsterd 27
CMatador 27
DarkSideOfTheMoogle 27
DoomYoshi 27
LogicalFallacy 27
Lonoke31 27
Mooseh 27
Akai 26
Xymjak 26
Signum 25
Doggy227 24
freezestar 24
Henxorr 24
Keywiz 24
msdmario 24
Sairotra 24
yoshter2011 24
infelizmx 23
Wispydream 23
Suffa28 22
Nachonashi 21
roukanumachi 21
Tayadaoc 20
victinho1337 20
warcrymango 19
luminish 18
Somaku 18
ToxicAntidote 18
Desudesu 17
Halftail01 16
automidnight 15
Enagonius 15
Sef 15
Kinglink 14
RaphMec 14
Retrokaiser 14
h4vok 13
Hotscrock 13
snowdome 13
Dako9767845 12
s0uth 12
Xiroes 12
edwardgg 11
Enikla 11
LiveFastCyYoung 11
Protoman07 11
Szhymphild 11
TheRealBillHicks 11
ZeppelinCafe 11
Etron 10
mosher13 10
ScrimbloBimblo 10
Archmaster 9
BrainSpoon 9
elbearno 9
perdiga 9
GalacticSpear 8
Gemyma 8
Jason12345 8
rbloodriver 8
Tangy 8
Wimpyfox 8
felipemrb 7
ikki5 7
MaddieKittyTV 7
Mendil 7
miccmike 7
nashio 7
Nezperdian 7
Dabot 6
Dekgear 6
LaserPH1 6
Panfuricus 6
Probored 6
saneus 6
Ben652 5
DrMutagen 5
hiruma 5
JigokuNoBanken 5
MrOwnership 5
Nikus 5
Paradise1 5
ParaParaKing 5
Rohsiph 5
13lenar 4
Abigail1905 4
Bananas731 4
bubbasco 4
capsgry 4
dizzykei 4
FBernkastelKues 4
Haruda 4
hitokage 4
igopi 4
Jarvis 4
Megamet1998 4
obakemon 4
Paxtelinks 4
RetroRobb 4
Sylrifaide 4
TheoVellum 4
Trotsky40 4
xTyrea64 4
Zombi 4
14ausher 3
Alakatrore 3
Arlensis 3
Azamonde 3
AzazelOwO 3
Dehkon 3
dillard 3
dragon9681 3
enderpal7 3
Flara 3
grayfox85 3
Infernum 3
KangRelaxa 3
Lionydus 3
minibt 3
multonic 3
Ostridge 3
ozonio 3
Rapid 3
ryanvelasco 3
Seydie 3
shansen 3
Slashim 3
Sm0r3s 3
Theta0Sigma 3
Trebrick444 3
Tvols1480 3
YahwehTzVaoth 3
AmandaAlex 2
atc1989 2
BeekBeek85 2
CobaltZeroni 2
CrashBandicootFan 2
Ezequiel 2
Fragnus 2
HelloBright 2
IcePhoenix 2
Jendrej 2
Kironken 2
Lilpaulo3232 2
MaddieKittyTV2 2
Mati9319 2
munkeyfish32 2
Nabz 2
paule01 2
pokesonav 2
RetroGameMaster 2
S0ma 2
Shaoden 2
SpaceRaton 2
SuperXN 2
Thworthwar 2
tinycyan 2
Tomberry 2
virgilio27 2
Wex 2
ZeeratheReptoid 2
ZZKer 2
100C 1
adamjohnny5 1
Adilya 1
Alexjovi 1
alexjpaz 1
AlluminumMallard 1
amaylaefaust 1
andreemendess 1
Andrevus 1
AngeloLeonhart 1
AppleDashGamer 1
Aslik 1
Ax3LRoD 1
beelyte 1
Bendyhuman 1
BennLivid 1
Biendeo 1
Blaui 1
bloob 1
BlotchJBMR 1
Bowie 1
Brandovsky 1
Brickman 1
Burgins 1
ButterflyWing 1
Cadaxar 1
Chauckles 1
clashogames 1
ClaudeLv250 1
ConmanTheUber 1
CosmicZeppelin 1
CrimsonYeti 1
critchievements 1
Cronos74 1
DenguinhoI 1
DenguinhoII 1
dericobanjo 1
DeviousJam 1
digitalmaster 1
doctoralbertwily 1
Dominick 1
dontlikespam 1
drybloxman 1
EdgeSangral 1
eldsmith 1
ElPatron 1
Eric99333 1
ErrolBaer 1
f3rns 1
fabiotwotwo 1
FabricioPrie 1
Fatsch 1
FerretPlayingPS4 1
Forey 1
Galaxy9000 1
Gamnem 1
GFreeman 1
gmbgustavo 1
GnuRip 1
Gonzalo201 1
GuiRainbow 1
heavybass 1
hipsterelephant 1
hjasgvcz 1
Hocksmonovits 1
HorseJockey 1
ILLSeaBass 1
ImmuneToSarcasm 1
itgoes 1
Izargo 1
Jamiras 1
Jazmataz 1
Jink640 1
JoeKisaragi 1
Jooj93 1
Juanse 1
JustNoah 1
KingKong4221 1
kiwibasket 1
Kurochi185 1
LateScapegoat 1
lovelessrapture 1
luisguedes 1
MarioMario369 1
marshm8low 1
mauro2029 1
maxte 1
MegaJonesy 1
Mikeydct 1
MiningMario 1
Mioty 1
moeperson225 1
MrDynamite 1
mrmistermistermr 1
MrRage2021 1
Nageku 1
nessbyte 1
Nezumi26 1
NickGoat1990 1
Nintencats73 1
nmillerche 1
Nora00 1
nuclearlemons 1
ockerjj 1
OhDatBrute 1
Olafur 1
Orph 1
peseki 1
Purgta 1
Rafaelsssss 1
RavenDuke 1
renanbrj 1
retrolipe 1
ruijian 1
Runecrush376 1
RustyJimjob45 1
Rutton 1
ruuzilla 1
SairotraALT 1
Samantha 1
SamsamDaGameMan 1
Sarconius 1
Scott 1
Scruffman 1
Serih 1
SillyMillie 1
siouxerskate 1
SpaZtiK 1
Specter 1
spikeriley 1
tandujar 1
terobero 1
TheDanish 1
TheJohanx 1
ThisIsDumb 1
TimeCrush 1
tinoperez 1
TucanoPadilha 1
Twerks 1
ultimategamerboi2000 1
Veldt 1
Veneficus 1
ventuz 1
ViperZang 1
Vyach59 1
WarioFan63 1
wd 1
Will 1
wintzyy 1
xRidley 1
XRplayer765 1
XumanFoda 1
XxSICKxXKiller 1
yahoowahooey 1
yrcbry 1
Zadvoz 1
zahgurim 1
Zeene284 1
ZelnickByDay 1
Zoldick 1

2022 History:

2022 Achievements of the Month:
June: Your choice of the following:

Posted: 02 Jan, 2022 23:53
Last Edit: 10 Jan, 2022 19:49


Do I have to do anything special to participate?
No – all you need to do is earn the achievement, and you’re in! The Leaderboard is updated only once a week, so don’t worry if your score doesn’t take any new points into effect right away.

Can I play in Softcore?
Only Hardcore wins will be counted. Make sure that if you’re going after the AotW, that your emulator is set to Hardcore Mode.

What are some guidelines for achievement selection?
-Try to keep the time to earn the achievement in mind. Achievements that can be earned within 2-3 hours are preferred, though exceptions can always be made depending on the difficulty and learning curve of the game.
-While we will try to stray from ridiculously easy or meme games/achievements, we will keep these as we want to keep it open for all types of games to be played. However, there will be the occasional prototype, or non-games excluded.
-"Beat the game" achievements may be acceptable if the game is short enough - if it's a longer game where trying to rush through it in a week might detract from the experience, it may be better suited for an Achievement of the Month.

Will passwords/level select/etc. be allowed?
Typically, anything the achievement developer allows in their achievement code, will be allowed here. However, there is no short answer to this – whether passwords are allowed or not will be judged on a case by case basis, depending on the achievement chosen and the difficulty and length of the game. With that said, if it has not been stated, passwords are generally not allowed unless they are your own and if you use a password that is not your own, or are unable to prove it is yours, you may forfeit your point for that week.
In games with a save system, using a downloaded save file isn't allowed (unless specified) - you will need to use your own save file. When such achievements are picked, we will usually check to see if other progression achievements were earned, including their timestamps.

Will alts be allowed?
Yes, alts are allowed, but you'll need to let one of the organizers (ikki5 or Flara) know which alt you're using. As well, if you've previously earned the featured achievement, you can choose to reset that one achievement and re-earn it during the week to get credit.

Do I need to join Discord to participate?
No, but it is highly recommended. Your points will still be counted even if you don’t have a Discord account, but since achievement selection takes place in the Discord server, you will miss out on voting for the new game each week. It’s also much easier to keep up to date on events that are taking place throughout the year, such as themed weeks.

Can games/achievements be changed mid-week?
Typically, no – what you get, you’re stuck with for the week. The only occasion where an achievement would be changed mid-week would be if the achievement code, or the code for the set, is broken or poorly coded, to the extent it needs a complete re-work.

Can a set receive a revision while the game is being featured in the AotW?
No. Revisions can be planned and voted on, but they cannot be put into effect until at least the end of the week, when that game is no longer featured in the AotW. Exceptions may be made for things such as adding save protection, though this is typically put in place before the contest starts or within the first few hours.

I missed earning it by X minutes, does it still count?
00:00GMT Monday is the deadline. The old achievement is considered retired the moment the new achievement goes live on the site. Please keep the end date and time in mind, and plan accordingly - try not to leave things until the last minute.

What do I do if I think my score might be wrong?
We do make mistakes sometimes - names might occasionally get missed due to spelling errors when entering a name in the spreadsheet, accidentally entering an alt's name, or just overlooking it. Contact either of the event hosts, or make a post in this forum topic letting us know your score might be wrong. We'll check for any achievements that you might have missed to see if you earned the achievement during the week it was featured, and adjust your score if needed. It's usually a good idea to avoid resetting any AotWs you have earned until you're sure your score is correct.

Will there be seasonal events?
Seasonal events will be announced in separate forum threads when the time comes.
Posted: 02 Jan, 2022 23:53

Posted: 02 Jan, 2022 23:53

Posted: 03 Jan, 2022 05:08

I'd like to use my AotM swap this month. Thanks!
Posted: 03 Jan, 2022 17:34

I'd like to use my AotM swap this month too. Thanks!
Posted: 03 Jan, 2022 21:32
Last Edit: 04 Jan, 2022 16:17

In discord ikki5 said that If I don't like the swap I still will be able to do the original, so...
I want to swap FF7 with another AotM (but if I will not like the swap then I want to be able to do FF7)
Posted: 03 Jan, 2022 22:20

I'd also like to use my AotM swap this month. Thanks for the event!
Posted: 04 Jan, 2022 11:20
Last Edit: 04 Jan, 2022 11:20

Using my Alt account on the Aotw

Posted: 04 Jan, 2022 14:46

I would also like to use my AotM swap this month. Thanks! :D
Posted: 04 Jan, 2022 14:53

I want to use my AotM Swap out, thanks!
Posted: 04 Jan, 2022 18:09
Last Edit: 04 Jan, 2022 22:16

I also would like to use my AotM swap
Posted: 04 Jan, 2022 20:11

I want to use my AotM Swap out too, thanks!
Posted: 04 Jan, 2022 23:03
Last Edit: 04 Jan, 2022 23:04

I'm going to compete this year but I already earned the achievement of this month, do we have to update you or are you just going to take everyone who has ever earned the achievement into the leader board?
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