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December 18 2021, 9:03am, edited December 24 2021, 8:56am

Official Topic Post for discussion about Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast) Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast)
Created 18 Dec, 2021 09:03 by xnaivx

Crazy Taxi (USA)
RA Checksum: e0dc1587750ef747cc873230b96a50bb



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December 18 2021, 9:03am


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February 13 2022, 12:04am, edited February 13 2022, 12:41am

Hey i've tried with several different roms and this just isnt working

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February 13 2022, 1:24am

I have the same problem as soroxas.

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February 13 2022, 2:06am

Third - Using GDI from several different sources.


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February 13 2022, 2:33am

Hash wasn't linked. I linked e0dc1587750ef747cc873230b96a50bb as indicated by xnaivx in the first post.

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February 13 2022, 8:51pm, edited February 13 2022, 10:04pm

So does it matter if it's a CDI or a GDI? I've not found the correct hash yet, just trying to narrow it down a bit more.
Would be great if the full file name was referenced in the first post.

Edit: Never mind. I'm dum and didn't read the release thread first. All the answers I needed were in there.
I usually don't download nightly updates, but it seems to work fine.

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February 14 2022, 7:44am, edited February 14 2022, 10:23pm

which rom work? i tried with BIN/Cue and GDI and don't work.

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February 15 2022, 3:24am

ToxicAntidote, where is that thread??


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February 15 2022, 8:33am

DeepClubRemix97 we cannot give links to roms! Please, find it yourself!

mdkgx here is the link that ToxicAntidote was talking about:

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March 18 2022, 12:40am

It is difficult to get the correct room, I tried three different roms US version and none works

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March 19 2022, 4:36pm

for anyone else struggling to get it to work, make sure you update retroarch, once I did that it recognised the roms.... wish I tried that before scouring the web for different versions.

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August 23 2022, 4:25pm

Is it normal that the game is half japanese half english? Kinda hard to learn how to do crazy tricks without reading how to do them.


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August 24 2022, 8:56am

SuperMeatBro change country to USA in core settings

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August 24 2022, 12:43pm

Actually figured out this morning but thank for yhe answer, it may helps other. It was tge first time i tried the dreamcast emu yesterday
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