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Sonic Adventure 2

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VideoDVD25 Mar, 2022 18:28
Route 101 Seams That It Doesnt Have A Leaderboard
xTr4ceur25 Apr, 2022 18:45
The previous badge set was outvoted and replaced.
Luks1815 Jun, 2022 11:35
Recently an user inserted some changes in that spreadsheet I posted way before the set was released, which is the title of the level achievements being the name of the song on the OST.

So for example instead of the title just being "Metal Harbor" or "Metal Harbor Aced", it could be "That's the Way I Like It!" since that's the name of the song, I think it's pretty neat since a lot of people don't know the name of the songs and it fits perfectly as a cool achievement title.

Stixil15 Jul, 2022 22:22(Edited 15 Jul, 2022 22:24)
I feel like Congratz, You're a Legend! Congratz, You're a Legend! (25) should be worth more than 25 points. Definitely a monumental challenge compared the other ones marked as 25 points (example is Final Story Final Story (25)). Compare to the set for Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) which awards 25 points per story completion.

Should this achievement be bumped to 50 or even 100?
Jenettebaghead29 Dec, 2022 08:12(Edited 29 Dec, 2022 08:13)
The old icon has been outvoted and replaced, here's a backup:

New icon by Achievess
UravityJenna15 Mar, 2023 12:54(Edited 16 Mar, 2023 11:17)
It looks like the images for the achievements "Towards the Future" and "Living in the Dark" should be swapped. Towards the Future requires defeating the hero side bosses which would make more sense to have Sonic as the image icon, while Living in the Dark is for defeating the dark side bosses which would make more sense for Shadow to be the image icon.
Tuskkar18 Mar, 2023 22:43
I'm having an issue with king boom boo boss fight where I can't see his shadow to defeat him. Anyone knows a way to fix this bug?

My GPU is a RX 550
ElectricAngel18 Mar, 2023 23:32
Are you using Flycast core? Also make sure if you are, set the graphics settings to per pixel instead of the default per triangle. It helps with some broken effects in the Adventure games.
Tuskkar19 Mar, 2023 01:28
It worked, thank you buddy
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