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Created 16 Feb, 2015 22:11 by SamuraiGamerCat

1. Clay Fighter (USA).sfc
Clay Fighter (U) [!].sfc
Clay Fighter (1993)(Interplay - Visual Concepts)(US).bin
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June 25 2015, 5:17pm

This are impossible I take it lol. Will fix the no hit achievements soon

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July 2 2018, 4:31pm

I did the conquest 2 times and she did not count, I would ask to solve the problem

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July 2 2018, 4:31pm

I did the conquest 2 times and she did not count, I would ask to solve the problem


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July 4 2020, 9:04am

Clay Fighter
400 > 315

Beat game 30 > 25
Beat hard 20 > 25
Beat levels without getting hit aka perfects 15 > 10

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December 5 2020, 1:45am

The old icon was outvoted and replaced. Here's a backup of it:

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August 12 2021, 12:29am

any advice for the "complete without taking damage" ? sometimes cpu throws some skills and there's no way how to avoid it

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This set is just bad. No damage in a game that you can't defend, you can't jump and you can't counter without taking damage. This is just a waste of time and should be avoided.

Oh and sometimes the game just softlocks when you lose a round so, nope, not worthy.

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August 28 2021, 6:23pm

@Ryugah, the only way is to be "cheap". Use Mr. Frosty and keep spamming left, right, heavy punch till the enemy dies. Sometimes it works. That's why the set is bad, just cheap your way to win.

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September 1 2021, 3:50am

@FabinSS i believe i know all the cheap stuff there is in this game but even that doesnt work, characters like bonkers just throw some shit and its over, other techniques are using standing HP with the blob when the other character jump on you and then throw a spit and repeat but it's not something to rely on because of this game funny mechanics, alñso the chainsaw technique not work at all xD i have tried the suede goo song of pain loop without luck and the tiny whip on the corner nope... i just have luck with the first 3 characters xD.

i will keep trying sometimes because i have special childhood love for this game.

pd: i see you almost got it and also you are a hell of a player, nice site rank keep it up!

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September 16 2021, 9:51am

@Ryugah. Thanks man! And you ARE right. The only achievement left for me is the second Bonker and this is ridiculous. He LOVES to start the fight with a pie and an anti-air attack. The only way that I found to counter this is using the big projectile with Mr. Frosty, but the controls are not good and it'll often fail.

My strategy to exploit the enemy guard don't work with the second Bonker because you need to hit him 100 (!!!) times. The time will run out before you finish him, and you'll take the "bomb damage". It is theoretically possible if you turn off the timer but still... 200 special attacks without a fail... oh lord...

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September 16 2021, 10:10am

Finally got it! With Mr. Frosty, when the enemy jumps at you, use the standing heavy kick and keep using the projectiles. Sometimes you can even kick the enemy into your projectile and cause a good damage.

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