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adamjohnny505 Dec, 2021 04:32(Edited 05 Dec, 2021 07:34)
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Created 5 Dec, 2021 04:32 by adamjohnny5

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adamjohnny505 Dec, 2021 04:32
adamjohnny506 Dec, 2021 22:23(Edited 06 Dec, 2021 22:45)
canceling my drop. still claimed.

Game appears to be unfinished. I'm on the 6th mission and it seems to lead to a dead end.

I will keep this for a couple of weeks, and try it every now and then. either i'll get lucky and figure it out or i guess i can do a set for the stuff i was able to figure out.
adamjohnny508 Dec, 2021 22:50
Dropping again.

This game is terrible about assigning the player with ridiculously obscure places to go, with no map, npcs for hits, or anything go off of, except the actual FFXI map, which is enormous.

The game developer needs to include an actual map of the game. If im going through hell finding this stuff as a dev, how much better can i expect players to do?
AuburnRDM27 Mar, 2022 21:46
Claiming this to give it a shot.
adamjohnny527 Mar, 2022 23:26(Edited 27 Mar, 2022 23:26)
sweet! if you want anything, like whatever resources i have and stuff, just holler at me on Discord. its a great game.
AuburnRDM28 Mar, 2022 11:08
Thanks! I appreciate it.
AuburnRDM25 Jun, 2022 16:09
Renewing claim a few days early. Finally getting motivation to dive deeper in this.
AuburnRDM28 Dec, 2022 06:22(Edited 05 Jan, 2023 05:48)
All nation's missions must be completed on the same save file for 100%.

Here's a map for those not familiar with the Final Fantasy XI world or any who just want a refresher.

Please note: This map was made to give a relative idea to how areas are connected and some paths might not be oriented exactly how they appear in game.

Final Fantasy XI Adventure - World Map

Direct Link
Signum25 Jan, 2023 22:24
Thank you very much for the map AuburnRDM. It would have taken a very long to beat this game without it.

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