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~Hack~ ~Homebrew~ Rick Astley: The Game

adamjohnny504 Dec, 2021 23:57(Edited 07 Dec, 2021 11:14)
Official Topic Post for discussion about ~Hack~ ~Homebrew~ Rick Astley: The Game (Game Boy) Rick Astley: The Game (Game Boy) Hack Homebrew
Created 4 Dec, 2021 23:57 by adamjohnny5 
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RA Checksum: 93d2d9acc1e9cd454ccb575100ce5070

adamjohnny505 Dec, 2021 00:17
Freakservo05 Dec, 2021 03:27
....This is a thing?
adamjohnny505 Dec, 2021 07:22(Edited 04 Jan, 2022 00:21)
For any technical issues during emulation, the following Link should help.
adamjohnny505 Dec, 2021 20:08
FYI, sometimes the game softlocks you after a fight. IDK why it does that. Not much you can really do except reset it.

One thing that seemed to help me was sticking to the right side of the fighter when i was on the last blow. Maybe that helped? the game takes like 1 minute to beat, so resetting it and trying again wasnt a major deal.

you'll find a work around as you play. If you get something consistent, please post here.
QATeam05 Dec, 2021 20:40
This set has been demoted due to not waiting the full 24 hour time period. Set can be re-promoted after this window is up.
tinycyan05 Dec, 2021 20:47
i cant count sorry
adamjohnny506 Dec, 2021 17:13
Received reports of a couple of things to help prevent the softlock:

1) Holding down the right button as the screen is fading post-fight seems to like almost every time. try not to have a directional button held down during the last blow.

2) Changing the core options to emulate only the Gameboy seemed to completely stop it.
YahwehTzVaoth14 Jan, 2022 05:34
Ok, so I had a lot of problems with this soft locking. This sorta seems like this wasn’t ready for prime time/RA, but whatever. It’s a sweet badge.

I had no locks with the following:

1) Used Game Boy settings. However, this did not solve the problem entirely and I had locks in GB mode too.

2) I think the issue is tied to Rick’s feet. If you look at his sprite while he is talking to his opponents then you’ll see his feet keep moving in the walking animation as long as you don’t advance the dialogue. The issue may be that he gets “stuck” or cannot restart the walk animation if it starts on the wrong frame after the fights. When I got it I waited to make sure Rick’s feet were not together when the fight started. I believe there are 4-5 frames in the wall animation.

It was probably a total coincidence, but it worked for me. I tried it out twice and it worked again. I’m sure if I did it a third time it’d lock up. It might also have something to do with where he physically is when the fight ends. Beats me.
Siew07 Sep, 2022 20:17(Edited 08 Sep, 2022 22:53)
It seems that the game works fine as long as you prevent the enemy to hit you at the same time they die. You can achieve this by hitting them as they get close to you, so they are pushed back to the right hand side of the screen.
Siew07 Sep, 2022 20:18(Edited 08 Sep, 2022 22:53)
How do you get the achievement about not pressing left?

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