QA Weekly Wrap: Oct 8th, 2021 - Oct 14th, 2021


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October 16 2021, 6:58am

Another week, another Weekly Wrap. Let's get right into it.

DevQuest 001 Update
The achievement titles and descriptions for DevQuest 1 have been updated to reflect the requirements that were changed a while back. The formatting was also made more consistent with newer quests.

Secret Achievement Investigation
A user submitted a report for the ~Unlicensed~ Plants vs. Zombies set over a suspected breach of the developer CoC. QATeam investigated and came to the conclusion that the achievement was fine as-is. As a reminder, vague achievement descriptions are perfectly acceptable so long as they properly hint at the unlock requirements.

Ticket Busting
The QATeam used a user-submitted savestate to fix a ticket on the Abe's Oddysee set!

Picross Point Values
QATeam gave the go-ahead for an achievement on an upcoming picross set to use a higher point value than what would normally be allowed.

Impossible Achievement Investigation
A user reached out to us about a handful of achievements that have yet to be obtained in a 4-year period and may not be possible outside of perfect play. After fielding these concerns to the set's developer, they have agreed to look into changing the requirements to something more manageable.

DevQuest 002 Update
Zatch Bell! Electric Arena and For the Frog the Bell Tolls have been added to Summer Set Repair.

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