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QA Weekly Wrap: Sept 25th, 2021 - Oct 7th, 2021

Posted: 07 Oct, 2021 15:20
Last Edit: 07 Oct, 2021 15:21

The previous week ended up being skipped due to some minor restructuring and the PSP launch, but with that out of the way, it's time for a return to form. Here's the recap from the past two weeks.

Achievement Salvage
televandalist's proposal for a channel centered around emergency revisions for sets and achievements that are up for demotion by the QA Team has been approved for a trial run and should be available soon.

Mega Man X Leaderboard

AlexGatao was given approval to replace the old damageless leaderboard with his fixed version.

PSP Launch Preparations
Select members of the Playtesting Team were roped into the PSP pre-launch preparations, successfully verifying multiple sets as safe and passing on reports of any issues.

Additionally, multiple sets were cleared as ready for release day after being looked over by the QA Team.

The Sims 2 Rescore

The point value of a particularly difficult achievement was raised to 50 after being brought to our attention and going through a vote in the revision channel.

Super Mario World Revision

stfN1337 was given the go-ahead to upload his achievement proposal that was voted through to the core set.

Donkey Kong Country: Competition Edition

The set for the DKR Competition Cartridge has been returned to core as a ~Hack~ entry. In the future, the set may be revisited to see if it would be better suited as a subset, but for now, it remains intact—the only major differences being that the retail version will remain unlinked, and a new patch has been added in place of the old one.

PSP Launch!
PSP achievements are finally available, and all claim restrictions on PSP games have been lifted for full developers. Junior developers will be free to work on PSP games starting in November.

The system has launched with over 30 sets already available, and more are expected to be uploaded over the coming months.

King's Field III: Pilot Style Speedrun

An achievement for the King's Field III demo was reported to us as potentially breaking the CoC. After a discussion was held, we decided no action was necessary due to the length of each run.

Geheimnis der Happy Hippo-Insel, Das

A new set by SporyTike was given the OK for an early release outside of the 24 hour claim window.

New DevQuests

Quests 9 and 10 have launched, challenging developers to create a set for any newly-supported system and collaborate with another dev respectively.

DevQuest Documentation
The DevQuest landing page has been given an overhaul, featuring a brand new look and large swathes of the instructions being rewritten.

Contra [Multi]

After an issue with an achievement in the Contra [Multi] set was brought to our attention, a fix was deployed to more closely match the description.

Maniac Mansion Regional Variant
The version of Maniac Mansion released on the Famicom Disk System was rejected as a regional variant of the NES release due to a lack of differing gameplay.

Final Fantasy Subset

SnowPin's subset pitch for Final Fantasy on the PSP was approved and is already available in core.
Posted: 07 Oct, 2021 16:44

Minor correction, Japanese Maniac Mansion was released on the Famicom, not the Disk System. If it had been released on disk, it wouldn't need a 104-character-long password system.
Posted: 07 Oct, 2021 22:30

Is there a particular channel/thread to bring up things that could possibly use adjustment to the QA Team?


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