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Dreaker20 Sep, 2021 20:54(Edited 05 Dec, 2021 21:36)
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Created 20 Sep, 2021 20:54 by Dreaker

5056 - Digimon Story - Lost Evolution (Japan) 
RA Checksum: 6dc8a246ca81ea572729b82ffe6a2428
CRC32: 83878137

5056 - Digimon Story - Lost Evolution (Japan) + English (Dubbed) translation patch
RA Checksum: daf7ddd0703a4cc599914538b7a47b38

Dreaker20 Sep, 2021 20:55
Claiming this game for DevQuest #008

My idea for this set is to have a couple different achievements:
1) Completion: For finishing the story, getting Digimons, completing Quests and restoring the Evolution Tree
2) Challenge: A handful of achievements for defeating certain bosses with specific restrictions, heavily dependant on what I can get from the memory
3) Hoarding: Owning a specific set of Digimon at the same time
4) Clean Sweep: For opening all chests and gates, clearing all obstacles and repairing all Bug Plates found within an area
5) Miscellaneous: For doing other stuff with specific NPCs or using new mechanics

I'm open to any ideas or suggestions you may have, so feel free to post them here.
Arvenyte21 Sep, 2021 17:16
Maxing staaaaats. That aside it sounds good.
affftedio21 Sep, 2021 20:00
You're on fire with the Digimon sets mate, keep up the good work <3
Dreaker20 Nov, 2021 19:35(Edited 21 Nov, 2021 11:02)
The wait is over! The set is finally live! :D

A couple of heads up:
1.Names for Digimons are displayed as "Japanese Name [English Name]" in achievements and "Japanese Name/English Name" in the comments of the achievements for having specific Digimon. I couldn't use the "/" symbol on achievement's descriptions, so I had to get creative.
2.The game has 4 Leaderboards: Fastest Game Completion, Fastest Legend Rank, Highest amount of Tamer Points, and Lowest amount of Digi-Plates input into the Evolution Tree before beating the game.
3.For the achievements requiring Digimon having specific attacks, check this guide in GameFAQs, since I can't put the japanese characters in the achievement comments.

And with that out of the way, enjoy the set! ^^
costaskk22 Nov, 2021 14:03
Hello, great set! Anyway you could map the english translation of this game with the achievements too which is located here: https://gbatemp.net/threads/digimon-story-lost-evolution-english-dubbed-translation-and-other-hacks.546699/ ? It is not a full translation but makes the game a bit more easy to play. I imagine it must be really hard to do it, but thought I'd ask, thanks anyways!
Dreaker23 Nov, 2021 10:59
Thank you! I'm sorry, I don't know how translation patches work, let alone connecting them with retroarch, so that would be a bit tough for me. But if someone can make it work, I'd be happy to include it in the achievements, provided the patch doesn't change any of the memory used for achievements.
voiceofautumn23 Nov, 2021 11:16
Basically patching the file with a translation patch will create a new checksum, just like this JP one has it's unique one. Linking that is as simple as having a developer opening the file and clicking "Link". The core issue is making sure the memory affected is not used in your logic. Only way to find that out is testing testing testing
Dreaker23 Nov, 2021 13:39
Yeah, I thought that would be the biggest issue. Thank you, I might look at it in the future. For now, I think I'll be taking a break from this game, since it took a bit longer than I was expecting. Of course, I'll still fix any tickets that come up, so that won't be a problem.
Dreaker04 Dec, 2021 15:11
So, I ended up checking the translation patch. So far it's working fine, and the memory I used for achievements seems to be untouched. I just wanna test it out thoroughly before adding it to the site, in case there is a stray memory somewhere that is affected.
Dreaker05 Dec, 2021 21:46
The translation costaskk pointed out should now work with the achievements as well, feel free to use it! Just note that some of the names for things may differ from what the achievements mention, as I based those translations off the base game.
missiray16 Jul, 2022 15:10
In a few months there will be released a complete translation of the game, made by Romstar from Operation Decoded, I will post the patch here hoping that it works with the achievements
Arvenyte05 Aug, 2022 00:27
There's also the option of learning japanese.

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