QA Weekly Wrap: Sept 9th 2021 - Sept 17th 2021


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September 17 2021, 11:21pm

Everytime I think theres no way that much happened in the last week and then I read the log. Enjoy the read

Description Change
QAteam and Developers voted to edit the description of this achievement
To match the logic that existed. Previously it said just go as fast as you can which means nothing

New Team Created
Cleanup Team has been created and heres what Infernox wrote
I am pleased to announce that a new team has been created to help manage the site-cleanup channel! Any developer is free to handle requests posted in there just like before, but the cleanup-crew role has been repurposed and turned into @CleanupTeam. These guys will be around to answer questions you may have about the channel and help coordinate any larger cleanup projects that may be happening. The current lineup has been chosen for their notable activity in cleaning up the site or general willingness to help out.

Meet the Team

@Infernox - Team Lead

But What's Site Cleanup?

The site-cleanup channel is the place to report miscellaneous issues around the site that don't really have anywhere else to go. If you're a regular player and have been looking for a way to contribute to the improvement of RetroAchievements, this is the easiest way to do so. With that in mind, what kind of reports and requests go there?

-Report incorrect or missing information on game entries and submit replacements. This includes the game developer, publisher, release date, genre, and box art.
-Report missing hash information in a game's forum topic.
-Report duplicate game entries.
-Submit higher quality versions of a game's box art or icon.
-Submit hub suggestions or requests to add/remove entries from an existing hub.

-Report achievements that don't trigger/trigger at the wrong time.
-Submit requests for new game entries. (You can do that here instead:
-Report spelling or grammatical errors. Please submit those to writing-requests!

Hubs Purged
[Meta|QA - Missing Damageless]
Inside joke, not a legitimate QA project.

[Misc. - Rescore Needed]
No longer needed.

[Misc. - Racketboy Hidden Gems]
No entries, not noteworthy enough to warrant staying.

[Misc. - Grail Games]
No entries, original purpose is a mystery.

[Misc. - Nathaniel Bandy Reviewed]
Not noteworthy enough.

[Misc. - Shovelware]
Only had two entries, topic is too subjective.

[Misc. - One of a Kind Games]
No entries, original purpose is too ambiguous.

[Misc. - Jontron Reviewed]
Subject is no longer all that relevant to gaming, glorifies a controversial figure.

[Central - Subgenre]
Not really necessary to split these up, all the subgenres can just be rolled into the central genre hub.

[Meta - Uchia's Favorite Games]
No longer needed, comes off as an inside joke to non-admins, glorifies a known problem user.

[Misc. - Caddicarus Reviewed]
[Misc. - Game Sack Reviewed]
[Misc. - The Completionist Reviewed]
Not significant enough to warrant hubs.

Developer Inactivity
Every 6 months inactive developers are set back to registered. 20 developers became inactive this go round. Next round is April

JR Developer Inactivity
Jr Devs are purged every few months when they drop off the face of the earth. 28 JR Devs were set back to Registered

Leaderboard Fix
SporyTike fixed the leaderboard here after a user reported it

Set Demotion
Set was completely broken with over 80 issues. The set needs a complete fix and is in DevQuest2 list as well until someone can fix...or rewrite it.


QA Team: Added BigWeedSmokerMan
Art Team: Added Ch0senlast
Writer Team: Added ArcaneJames

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