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Staff Reports 9/12/2021

Posted: 14 Sep, 2021 14:26

It was voted two weeks ago that Staff would bring reports like the old days except this time they would be shared with the public. Anything sensitive is withheld though

The official soda of this meeting is Homemade Sarsaparilla

Art Team Report from KingS1zzle
-We started working on all of the currently claimed PSP icons as part of the PSP Rollout
-We promoted Mekevin255 and Ch0senlast to join the Art-Team!
-Improved and helped other team members with their art design. Looking into possibly starting a Teaching Channel?
-Cheevo can fly, Nydaxn revealed when discussing Art Lore

Web Team Report from AlmighyXor
-Approved some pull requests for Jamiras and JeffJenkins

Achievement of the Week Report from Ikki5
-Catchup Event will be held next week for those that missed out

RANews from Pinguupinguu and StingX2
-Welcomed four new columns to RANews:
a. Wish This Set - Players showing off games without sets and why they should get sets!
b. RAdvantage - Quick tips for people looking for help hunting achievements
c. RASpotlight - Special interviews with selected members of the community
d. RAnniversaries - A new column I created to celebrate developer and player account anniversaries.
-Welcomed adamjohnny5 to the team, who will be taking charge of the Play This Set article from now on.
-Created a whole PSP launch article to highlight the release of this new console!
-Created a channel for RANews team, as well as an inbox that people can directly put submissions to!
-Going to invite more members of writing team eventually who are non-developers, to take over some more articles.

Positive Feedback from RANEWS
-Readers LOVE Wish this set, have had 6 users reach out about it. many asking to write stuff
-So many people love RAdvantage, everyone wants to share their git gud issues

Writing Team from Pinguupinguu
- Welcomed ArcaneJames to the team as a Portuguese translator
- Welcomed drybloxman to the team, who may write an article in the future for RANews!
- Developers continue to help out in writing-requests .

Client Team from Jamiras
- RAIntegration 0.79.4 released
- audited missing z64 hashes now that all clients standardize to z64
- addressed slowdown exploit in RetroArch
- RALibretro 1.3.8 beta -> PSP devs

Social Media Team from Draco655
- Announced PSP in unison with the issue releasing
on Dracos stream
- 30+ people turnout, lots of excitement
- Instant telephone effect of viewers telling other streamers etc

QATeam from StingX2
-Approved Griffins hack set request
-Demoted Commandos set for being completely broken whole sets a wash
-We Worked with the devs to settle issues for Earthbound beginnings and Vice project doom

PSP Rollout from StingX2 and televandalist
-Still going smooth!
-0 drama, 0 dev issues besides scary floating pointers!
-Launch date october 1st
-14 launch games atm

Challenge League Report from Snowpin 
- Launched Ticket to Ride event. Join today!

Code Reviewer Report from DanielARP
- ArcaneJames, Dreaker, Soulsderfuchs and HolyShinx got promoted to developer.
- Personally I reviewed and proposed the dev promotion of Soulsderfuchs. The coding was well structured and they ended getting a passing grade for dev with a Resident Evil set. I thought initially the user would end involving themselves mostly in site-cleanup based on their interests, but ended up following up with a few claims already!

Site Cleanup Team from Infernox 
I am pleased to announce that a new team has been created to help manage the site-cleanup channel! Any developer is free to handle requests posted in there just like before, but the cleanup-crew role has been repurposed and turned into @CleanupTeam. These guys will be around to answer questions you may have about the channel and help coordinate any larger cleanup projects that may be happening. The current lineup has been chosen for their notable activity in cleaning up the site or general willingness to help out.

Meet the Team
Infernox - Team Lead

But What's Site Cleanup?
The site-cleanup channel is the place to report miscellaneous issues around the site that don't really have anywhere else to go. If you're a regular player and have been looking for a way to contribute to the improvement of RetroAchievements, this is the easiest way to do so. With that in mind, what kind of reports and requests go there?

-Report incorrect or missing information on game entries and submit replacements. This includes the game developer, publisher, release date, genre, and box art.
-Report missing hash information in a game's forum topic.
-Report duplicate game entries.
-Submit higher quality versions of a game's box art or icon.
-Submit hub suggestions or requests to add/remove entries from an existing hub.

-Report achievements that don't trigger/trigger at the wrong time.
-Submit requests for new game entries. (You can do that here instead:
-Report spelling or grammatical errors. Please submit those to writing-requests!


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