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Joined May 27, 2022

May 5 2023, 10:42pm

Pocket Monsters Pikachu (Gameboy)
Pocket Monsters Aka (Gameboy)

Joined Feb 18, 2021

May 6 2023, 12:41am

How about the super Mario world hack called super nothing world to be added on here?

Joined Feb 21, 2022

May 7 2023, 6:19pm

Meet the Robinsons (PlayStation 2)


Joined Feb 21, 2022

May 8 2023, 1:33am

I'd like to expand on the requests from Chuckles, by including the other platforms.

Crime Crackers (PlayStation Portable)

Streak Hoverboard Racing (PlayStation Portable)

Swagman (Saturn)

Honoo no Ryōrinin: Cooking Fighter Hao (PlayStation Portable)

Joined Feb 18, 2022

May 8 2023, 11:44am, edited May 11 2023, 7:23am

Smash Court Pro Tournament (PS2)

Smash Court Pro Tournament 2 (PS2)

Joined Oct 13, 2018

May 8 2023, 7:55pm, edited May 8 2023, 8:23pm

This one is a big one:

Adventure in the Park
Air Hockey
Bottle Taps Race
Break the Fireline
Bubbles Master
Cross the road
Curling 2010
Fight or Lose
Fish Story
Fish Tank Live
Jack's Pea
Jewel Magic
Mahjong Solitaire
Maze 2010
Mr. Balls
Naval Power
Plumbing Contest
Warehouse Keeper

all for Genesis/Mega Drive.

These are officially licensed (so not homebrews technically) games that were made for the Sega Genesis Flashback series of consoles by AtGames.

Some of them seem to be able to be emulated on normal Genesis emulators, and the Genesis Plus GX fork (with a libretro core) Cyclone seems to be able emulate all of them.

Joined Dec 14, 2021

May 9 2023, 1:45pm, edited May 9 2023, 1:46pm

One of my faves:

Drone Tactics [Nintendo DS]

On Mobygames

Joined Feb 25, 2023

May 10 2023, 5:10am

Inspector Gadget: MAD Robots Invasion (PlayStation 2) (Wikipedia)

Joined Jan 24, 2021

May 10 2023, 2:19pm

How about a very recent fangame (port / demake) made on GB studio : Zelda’s Adventure (game boy)


Joined Jul 20, 2014

May 10 2023, 3:32pm

Kreb ~Homebrew~ Zelda's Adventure (Game Boy) Zelda's Adventure (Game Boy) Homebrew not only already has a page but was claimed by a dev already.

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Joined Dec 12, 2017

May 11 2023, 2:25am

Ace Lightning for PS2

Joined Jun 10, 2022

May 11 2023, 4:39am, edited May 11 2023, 4:40am

Death Jr. II: Root of Evil (PSP)

Joined Feb 25, 2023

May 12 2023, 9:30am

AfroRyan already requested this in January, but I would also like to see a page for Snapdots (NintendoWiki).
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