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πŸ“° September's RANews is out! πŸ“°

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Posted: 05 Sep, 2021 16:25
Last Edit: 06 Sep, 2021 11:33

The September's issue of RANews is out!

Cover by ArcaneJames:

You guys flooded us with content and as a result this month's RANews issue is awesome!

Thanks for everyone who contributed with this!

What's new?
- PSP support is comming!
- RAdvantage: community members sharing their tricks to unlock challenging achievements
- Wish-This-Set: a place where someone try to convince other members to request sets for games that doesn't have achievements.
- RASpotlight: let's poke into the brain of our most prolific achievement creator (and now retired) Salsa
- RAnniversaries: highlighting the members who have been with us and for how long

Featured articles:
- Editorial: is quality really a destination? (and some RALore)
- DevNews: a new DevQuest is about to start: World Traveler
- RAGuide: learn how to wax on, wax off in Karate Kid (Atari 2600)
- Top Masteries: the champions of each console
- Fun: a Spot the Difference challenge themed in "Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue (GBA)"

And the already traditional articles:
- mini-articles where community members talk about their favorite sets and why you should play them.
- current open gaming events.
- all brand new sets released over the last month.
- statistics about the top 300 players of the site and how they progressed.
- the most wanted games with no achievement sets yet.
- all revisions and rescores that happened over the last month.
- all game icons and badges updates

Post your feedback here!!
Posted: 05 Sep, 2021 16:37

Bom demais esse trabalho! Really good work!
Posted: 05 Sep, 2021 16:40

Legend of Mana deserved many more to be on the cover, in my opinion.
Posted: 05 Sep, 2021 16:43

it was very interesting to read. I was especially pleased with the news that soon the achievements on the PSP will be released. Thanks to everyone who develops achievements for games, you are awesome! =)
Posted: 05 Sep, 2021 16:50
Last Edit: 05 Sep, 2021 16:52

The PSP announcement came a bit early, didn't it? I thought the proper announcement would be in a few more weeks. Was this discussed?

Looks like it was, lol. Guess I was out of the loop! :lel:

Commence the hype!
Posted: 05 Sep, 2021 17:39

Can't wait to play K-On! Houkago Live and Hatsune Miko Project:Diva on PSP
Posted: 05 Sep, 2021 17:58

More PSP Games:

Crash Tag Team Racing (PlayStation Portable)

Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower (PlayStation Portable)

Jackass the Game (PlayStation Portable)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Battle Arena (PlayStation Portable)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Battle Arena 2 - Spirits Burst (PlayStation Portable)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Kizuna no Tag Battle (PlayStation Portable)

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (PlayStation Portable)

Manhunt 2 (PlayStation Portable)

Metal Slug Anthology (PlayStation Portable)

Samurai Shodown Anthology (PlayStation Portable)

SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny (PlayStation Portable)

Tekken: Dark Resurrection (PlayStation Portable)

Tekken 6 (PlayStation Portable)

The Warriors (PlayStation Portable)
Posted: 05 Sep, 2021 18:33

I can't believe PSP is finally coming! All these new games, all this hype! I can't wait!
Posted: 05 Sep, 2021 18:40

Cool to see that PSP is coming!
Posted: 05 Sep, 2021 19:05

@DaniloZlatan ,

One opinion doesn't outweigh the RANews contributors who voted Legaia for the cover. Sorry!

Posted: 05 Sep, 2021 19:30

Very nice issue this month, great work all who worked on it!


Posted: 05 Sep, 2021 19:56
Last Edit: 05 Sep, 2021 20:00

I missed being in the RAnniversary by 3 days... I joined August 29, 2020

and I really need to start getting my dev game on so I can become a full developer before every single PSP rpg is taken! (especially since some of the ones I know are already taken before PSP is even released!)
Posted: 05 Sep, 2021 23:44

Oh goodness, a Monster Hunter achievement set. I am both excited and terrified.
Posted: 05 Sep, 2021 23:51

First time reading, loved it. Everyday I get more amazed by this community. Thanks for all the hard work.
Posted: 06 Sep, 2021 01:13


Can't wait to play Monster Hunter again!!

Thank you!!!!!
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