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Created 28 Aug, 2021 11:34 by Alfex

Disney's Atlantis - The Lost Empire (USA)
RA Checksum: ed6cb45639f80bf0e0617c123bb14e05

Disney's Atlantis - The Lost Empire (Europe)
RA Checksum: 4d5ae9c17a13f0ca894f7868f39a1552

Disney Atlantide - L'Empire Perdu (France)
RA Checksum: 9c838096c00edc58f368f9b17ccbee39

Disneys Atlantis - Das Geheimnis der verlorenen Stadt (Germany)
RA Checksum: 445742d67bb17fd3298834e16de0c2dd

Disney Atlantis - L'Impero Perduto (Italy)
RA Checksum: 1d8c557bd35c8ae78805267c66e31a20

Disney Atlantis - El Imperio Perdido (Spain)
RA Checksum: d3119e50c6d0c621db2b5c1a849ce49d

Disney's Atlantis - De Verzonken Stad (Netherlands)
RA Checksum: 36c1062bd9ddfd405bf9b3c65233be9a

Disney Atlantida - O Continente Perdido (Portugal)
RA Checksum: 22c74ba13a036f0b5e89c4c2da6b5dc3

Disneys Atlantis - Det Forsvundne Rige (Denmark)
RA Checksum: 586fa07926100671ce558395a89019ac

Disneys Atlantis - En Forsvunnet Verden (Norway)
RA Checksum: 6d3f8401d6bffadc3b5bd08a52a0458a

Disney's Atlantis - En foersvunnen vaerld (Sweden)
RA Checksum: 25fb3bda19a77d2dec4a455839e5bd53

Disneyn Atlantis - Kadonnut Kaupunki (Finland)
RA Checksum: 8785c485caba1d54ebbe3a8eff22a41d

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August 28 2021, 11:34am

Working on it


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August 1 2023, 7:51am

The badges have been outvoted and replaced. Here is a backup of the previous ones:

The new badges were made by Inirdin


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September 3 2023, 6:09pm

Planning a small revision to add 3 progression achievements to this game.

1 for beating Leviathan Attack
1 for beating Outer Atlantis
and 1 for beating Save Kida


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September 13 2023, 8:34pm, edited September 13 2023, 8:39pm

Updated the new achievements with unique icons, special thanks to Inirdin for creating them.


Current Icons:

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