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QA Weekly Wrap 8/12 - 8/19

Posted: 19 Aug, 2021 22:11
Last Edit: 19 Aug, 2021 22:46

By request this is the weekly edition of things QA Team have done this week. If you seek admin or moderation to do the same thats another tree entirely. Please try not to fall asleep reading this.


Was voted to be reduced to 0 points. Although an unwelcome concept by just entering a password it does showcase a mode, rather than a cheat mode/debug mode so it will live on as a showcaser.

Set Approved
Magical Doropie:
Krion Conquest:
A user presented the differences to QATeam on these two sets in detail. We voted the two sets are different enough for seperate sets.

Demotion to be Repaired

Brought to us by a user
-Lacking code notes
-Lacking cheat protection
-False triggers
-Bad grammar (Writing team will be forwarded this)
This was verified. It has been both passed on to Set Repair team and added to Devquest 2

Question From The Users
A user asked us about using a cheat code to reduce the challenge of a game. We were fine with this if an achievement with code and without code was present (See Contra)

[DevQuest] tag was added to DevQuest badges

Achievement Demotion

Brought to us by a user we deemed this more of an achievement for Bonus. It has been demoted until a set for Bonus is produced at which point it requires no vote to reinstate. Winners of achievement will keep that unlock

Proposal: Sonic Battle Subset or Bonus?
The QA team discussed the Sonic Battle Subset proposal and we feel this proposal works best as a bonus set due to the challenge achievements. The grindy nature of the Emerl stuff is close but not enough for a subset proposal.

Mario 64 Coins
A User asked us to move the collect all coins in Mario 64 stages to Bonus. We informed the user that these achievements don't break the CoC and if he still felt strongly to propose a revision vote.

DevQuest 8
We selected DevQuest 8! But uh this is secret til September 1st!

Achievement Demotion
This was demoted since you are just using a cheat code

A user brought to our attention that the below achievements should be demoted as lazy concepts

QAteam voted to reduce these to 1 point because the concept wasn't an issue the overscored challenge was. Comments of these cheevos have directions how to make this meaningless.

Festers Quest
Set Repair Team let us know that the set was made with the European version and then someone tacked on the American version. The two versions are different enough to have seperate sets (think FF4 American VS Japanese Versions). The American version was unlinked.

Pokemon Orange PKMN Mini
Evidence was presented by a user the set was actually a Demo and not a Homebrew, QAteam recategorized it

Achievement Demotion

It was found to be actually impossible once QATeam dived into the code.

Achievement Demotion

This is an achievement for just entering debug mode

QA Tip of the Week: If you have an achievement that is demoted or you just want to repurpose. Make a new achievement, don't give free awards to people that didn't do the task!

-The RA Translation team has been formed under the umbrella of Writing Team/QA Team

Set Repair Team
-Added cheat protection to
-Added cheat protection to

SnowPin cleared Unwanted devquest
GalacticSpear cleared Summer Set Repair Party devQuest
Voiceofautumn cleared Most Wanted Devquest
SlashTangent cleared Summer Set Repair Party devQuest
Wilhitewarrior cleared Most Wanted Devquest

Cya next thursday!

Posted: 20 Aug, 2021 00:00
Last Edit: 20 Aug, 2021 00:05

Worth noting that any set that gets demoted until it's repaired is linked to and most are eligible sets to count toward .

While the demotion of entire sets may seem controversial, it's temporary.


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