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Leaderboards of the Month

Posted: 01 Jul, 2021 00:00
Last Edit: 01 Jul, 2021 02:10

(Re)Introducing Leaderboard(s) of the Month!

I am bringing back this event with some new twists to hopefully make the competition more exciting and fun for users. Some of the key features of the new version of the competition are:

A point system!
Points will be a big focus and new feature for this iteration of the competition and there will be various ways to obtain them but the majority will be from your placements in the leaderboards since that is the focus of this competition. All players that have participated will be ranked according to their total points so they can compare progress.

A badge!
Users who reach a certain threshold of points will be awarded with a sexy badge to show off on their profile (if they don't want to hide it).

A Discord Channel!
A new discord channel for all you leaderboard enthusiasts. Whether it be showing off your new #1 spots, asking for advice on how to improve or just bullshitting with your competition. We'll also be encouraging people to share any recorded gameplay of their runs if they'd like.

Steps taken to reduce chances of foul play!
You may have noticed some recent changes to leaderboards lately. Now whenever a leaderboard is edited or user entries are removed from a leaderboard there will be system messages that tell who made changes and what they did. This should greatly help with alleviating chances of foul play as well as give participants more peace of mind.

Now that you know what this competition is about lets get into some of the more finer details.

Start Date
Today! July 1st will be the start of the competition with new leaderboards.

End Date
This competion won't have an end date unless something happens to the host(s) or there is blatantly apparent lack of interest.

How does it work?
Each month there will be multiple leaderboards that will be selected through various methods and each one will be available for players to compete in for a specific length of time. Normally there will be somewhere between 2-4 leaderboards that will last between 1-4 weeks but there may be some special months to change things up.

What do I need to do to participate?
The only thing you need to do is compete in the months chosen leaderboards. All tracking and updates to points will be done by me so you don't need to worry about anything except competing. Event leaderboards will be enabled when they start and disabled when they end  No sign ups, no forum posts, no commitment, nada. *With the exception of special events if we have any where user input may be required.

What do I need to get the badge?
Points! You will need to earn 300* points in order to earn the badge for this ongoing event.
*The total may be adjusted after getting feedback as well as the possibility of higher tiers if there is enough participation over a long period of time. Current required points are estimated to take roughly around 1 cumulative year or participating.

How do I earn points?
Points will be earned mainly by your ranking in the leaderboards but there will be other ways to earn them.

Main Method: Leaderboard Rank
Rank - Points
1 - 10
2 - 7
3-5 - 5
6-10 - 3
11-50 - 1

Bonus: Recorded Run
Any player that finishes in the top 10 and provides a recording of their best run for the event leaderboard will earn 2 bonus points. These videos can either be files or links to a service such as Youtube.

Note: There may be special events that change the rules a bit for points such as having 5+ shorter leaderboards running and the point distribution being lowered. Whenever something differs from the above it will be noted beforehand.

Note: Only the first 50 entries for the top 50 players will be counted, meaning if there is a tie for the last place of the first 50 entries only the players on the first page will be counted. If enough people feel strongly enough against this then I will consider counting the last tied position but to start with they will not be counted.

How will leaderboards be selected?
To start for the first few months I will be hand selecting them myself. As the competition goes on I will gather feedback and open up the possibility of allowing active participants to make suggestions as well as vote on a pool of suggestions. Possibly a system like selecting 5 random games with leaderboards and voting on those as well. There may be other special events thoughout the competition where leaderboard selection will vary as well. If you have any suggestions or cool ideas feel free to reach out to me.

What will you do if people don't reset their emulator to keep the leaderboard active after it is disabled?
Entries will only be accepted if they fall within the time window of the event. If the event runs from July 1st to July 14th and someone submits an entry later on July 15th it will not be valid. If you do this and had another valid placement entry before I'm sorry but there isn't much I can do, your entry will be removed so the other placements are in order. I will however make exceptions depending on the length of the leaderboard and how close to the cutoff time the entry is, for example if a entry is submitted just a few minutes after the cutoff. I don't believe this will happen often but if people feel strongly against allowing exceptions or if they start to cause issues I will disallow them completely.

What do I do if I think someone cheated
Please do not make any public accusations, if you feel that someone has cheated or an entry is not possible and may have glitched then reach out to me and I will reach out to the suspected player about the entry and try to resolve things. If you feel that things are not being handled properly you are also welcome to reach out to mods/admins/RAdmin with your concerns.

What do I do if I find any issue with a leaderboard?
Please reach out to me privately so I can look into the situation and depending on the severity and how soon it is brought to my attention I'll choose the best course of action I can. If something is severe enough or brough up soon enough there is a possibility of rerolling the leaderboard to a new challenge as a backup plan but hopefully it won't come to this often.

I have some suggestions/feedback
Please give any suggestions or feedback you have, I'd love to hear them as well as see how others feel about them. Whether it be in the events forum post, discord channel, or in a dm to me I'd like to make this event as fun as it can be for everyone and will do my best to make any improvements I can over time.

Further Questions?
Have any questions or want clarification on anything? Feel free to reach out to myself, post them here on this forum, or in the event channel in Discord.
Posted: 01 Jul, 2021 00:00
Last Edit: 15 Jul, 2021 00:08

Overall Player Points (As of the first week, to be updated soon)
Rank User Points
1 Xymjak 12
1 multonic 12
3 DanielARP 10
3 Sef 10
3 Searo 10
3 h4vok 10
3 Keltron3030 10
3 Nabz 10
9 Gamechamp 3
9 JAM 3
9 Haruda 3
9 Rutton 3
Posted: 01 Jul, 2021 00:00
Last Edit: 15 Jul, 2021 00:07

July 2021 Leaderboards of the Month:

To start things off we will be going with a classic:

For the 1st new Leaderboards of the Month your goal is to complete SMB1 in the fastest time. There will be single week leaderboard for World 1-1 and a two week long leaderboard for the full game.

Finished Leaderboards

July 1st to July 7th at midnight - LotM-07-2021 World 1-1 Speedrun

multonic's run:

║      Top 5      ║
Rank  Player      Score
1   DanielARP   0:00:11.98
1   Sef       0:00:11.98
1   multonic    0:00:11.98
1   Searo     0:00:11.98
1   h4vok     0:00:11.98
1   Xymjak    0:00:11.98
1   Keltron3030  0:00:11.98
1   Nabz     0:00:11.98

July 1st to July 14th at midnight - LotM-07-2021 Any% Speedrun

Results to be updated soon.

Active Leaderboards
July 15th to July 31st at midnight - LotM-07-2021 Nintendo World Championships High Score

Upcoming Leaderboards
One more will be announced on July 22nd so keep an eye out!

Stay tuned for further updates as the month progresses
Posted: 02 Jul, 2021 04:05

Well I'm going to see about having /r/sbcgaming compete on this Leaderboard of the Month, since this is exactly what I've been wanting myself.
Posted: 16 Jul, 2021 01:17

I dunno if Nintendo World Championships is a good game for Leaderboards simply because most of the retroarch cores don't really support dip switches, which I think is needed for the World Championships.
Posted: 16 Jul, 2021 13:10

Yeah this was brought up in discord pretty quickly and is my fault for not realizing the issue sooner but it will be good to bring up here as well.

For now we are going to continue with this one but are highly recommending anyone who is putting in serious attempts to use the FCEUmm NES core in RetroArch as it allows you to change the dip switch settings to get the full 6:15 allowed for the leaderboard.
Posted: 16 Jul, 2021 13:13

Do you have a guide to making those changes? I couldn't see how to do so on my end in retroarch settings. Also, how do you even start the game? Do you need 2 controllers?
Posted: 16 Jul, 2021 13:51

Load the game up - Quick Menu - Options
Gameplay Duration - Set to 6:15 (May already be the default setting)

Yes you will need to use controller 2 to start the game as well.
Posted: 17 Jul, 2021 05:56
Last Edit: 24 Jul, 2021 23:54

Just a heads up: don't use fast forward during your attempts. It seems to shorten the timer by A LOT.
I just fast forwarded through my deaths in SMB and I think it halved the timer.

Believe me, getting to Tetris in 3:00 is impossible.

UPDATE: Actually, the problem was not fast forwarding. You just need to turn off Overclocking. Whoops.
Posted: 22 Jul, 2021 01:02

For the new The Wizard leaderboard please be aware that different regional versions do run differently and make noticeable differences in some strategies so if you are really pushing for a high score make sure to test out different versions.


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