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Scott24 Dec, 2014 11:45(Edited 04 Feb, 2019 12:54)
Official Topic Post for discussion about Shin Megami Tensei (SNES) Shin Megami Tensei (SNES)


1. Shin Megami Tensei (J) (V1.0) [T+Eng1.00_AGTP,Bugfixes1.0_Orden,AutomapENH1.0_Revenant].sfc
RA Checksum: f3f2c71227399931fbcb09e1b4e27f46
CRC32 Checksum: 9A7035AB

2. Shin Megami Tensei (J) (V1.0) [T+Eng1.00_AGTP,Bugfixes1.0_Orden].sfc
RA Checksum: 7590a77f8f6661bb8877d3acdb33c944
CRC32 Checksum: 9165294A

3. Shin Megami Tensei (J) (V1.0) [!].smc + Orden Patch + updated Automap hack (2016 ver)
RA Checksum: 7770b441b184245f3a2243cf08503282
CRC32 Checksum: 437E24B2

4. Shin Megami Tensei (J) (V1.0) [T+Eng1.00_Aeon Genesis].sfc
RA Checksum: e0450bd7cae39aed72cb8535fc39048c
CRC32 Checksum: 1AFE71A8

5. Shin Megami Tensei (J)TEsp.sfc
RA Checksum: 662d3b4f27ada028dd4a853fc58cc745
CRC32 Checksum: D39B10F3

Altomar26 Dec, 2014 01:02(Edited 03 Feb, 2017 06:33)
Continuing MeCKooLL work the set is now complete.
This set is based on Shin Megami Tensei (J) (V1.0) with unofficial patched version of agtp 1.0 translation for English.
This is a patch for Aeon Genesis’ translation of Shin Megami Tensei that fixes almost every bug present in the translation, ranging from missing line breaks or texts that are too long, to not being able to buy guns in the first part of the game or not being able to complete one the games’ endings.

Also you can use Shin Megami Tensei (J) (V1.0) [T+Eng1.00_AGTP,Bugfixes1.0_Orden,AutomapENH1.0_Revenant] from goodsnes 3.27
it contain the original translation + orden fixes + automap button like in shin megami 2.

Also using this hack Link lets you access the automap using the L/R buttons rather than having to open the COMP menu every time you want to see where you are (similarly to how it works in SMT2.)

There is still a bug during the encounter in Tokyo Government Office where you have to release the captured heroine from the Yuriko near the beginning of the game (the 4th character that can join your group). When the first wave start after a few seconds the event were the Yuriko spot you repeated over and over again. That didn’t happen with the original japanese version . You can bypass the bug by defeating that wave of enemies quickly enough (2 turns). It's really easy with Law Hero's expel spells (Hama) and Chaos Hero's fire spells, even if you didn't raise the latter's magic. Multi-hit guns help, too.

Also at Ueno after completing the baptism with the gaians for chaotic path the Priest will do nothing more than complement you for spreading Chaos instead of giving you access to the rooms with the Tenma armor set even if you are higher than 65 level. Using the same save with japanese version i was able to obtain the armor set.

I recommend for new players to take a look at this Guide and this Link for info about how to play properly.

Also here you can find info for all these items with strange names you find around in case you are not familiar with Shin Megami Tensei universe and here for spells.

If you want to know how the alignment system work take a look here
StingX226 Dec, 2014 14:31
Always wanted to play these. Great work you two!
ExMortis30 Nov, 2015 04:14(Edited 30 Nov, 2015 04:19)
Just finished this on the Chaos path and I'd like to report some achievement issues.

First of all, Chaotic Evil (25) Chaotic Evil (25) didn't pop for me at any point during the ending.
I also never achieved The Four Heavenly Kings (10) The Four Heavenly Kings (10) or The Evil Summoner (5) The Evil Summoner (5) even though I fulfilled the requirements.

Octopus Rider (10) Octopus Rider (10) and Turtle Rider (10) Turtle Rider (10) have the wrong text in their descriptions: the turtle is for chaos/neutral and the octopus is for law/neutral, opposite of what's said.

Also even though I was Chaos and recruited Beelzebub, Tyrant Beelzebub (10) Tyrant Beelzebub (10) popped for me the next time I loaded my save.

Good achieves overall, wouldn't have gotten around to playing this without 'em, so thanks!
Altomar03 Feb, 2017 04:26(Edited 03 Feb, 2017 08:08)
Tyrant Beelzebub (10) Tyrant Beelzebub (10) and Lord of Flies (10) Lord of Flies (10) now works fine for chaos or neutral/law path without random triggers on reset.

Octopus Rider (10) Octopus Rider (10) & Turtle Rider (10) Turtle Rider (10) text descriptions is now corrected.

There was a small change in memory for chaos path in The Four Heavenly Kings (10) The Four Heavenly Kings (10). Now will trigger for all paths correctly.

The The Evil Summoner (5) The Evil Summoner (5) works fine for me with 2 different roms. In my current playthrough i use
Shin Megami Tensei (J) (V1.0) [T+Eng1.00_AGTP,Bugfixes1.0_Orden,AutomapENH1.0_Revenant]
(goodsnes 327) and so far works fine.

Chaotic Evil (25) Chaotic Evil (25) seems to work fine too. After beating Michael it will trigger when you go up to the roof

Thanks for the report
DrPixel28 May, 2019 03:59
The old icon was outvoted and replaced, here's a backup of it:
televandalist28 May, 2019 04:47(Edited 14 Jul, 2019 16:55)
-1 for not saying "re-hee-placed" or "outvo-ho-ted"

Not sure why PS1 artwork won for an SNES game, though.

Edit: Still not sure.
Brolly200030 May, 2019 03:12
No cheevos for finding and defeating the Fiends? There is also the ultimate weapons that drop from the Fiends, but welp, I don't think anybody ever got those.
rafaeldfigueiredo05 Jan, 2020 04:33
Fiends are hard. Period.

Also i patched automap on orden patch but it didn't work. Is there a order to patch it or something?
Altomar05 Jan, 2020 13:51
I just tried to patch a clean "Shin Megami Tensei (Japan).sfc" (not rev1) with Orden Patch alone and with updated Automap hack. Both loaded fine with RASnes9X.
Automap hack should be added after Orden Patch. I've noticed in Automap hack that there are 2 patches. One of them is for the rev1. Make sure you didn't used this one.
I used the Lunar IPS just in case you want to make a comparison.
rafaeldfigueiredo05 Jan, 2020 14:06
Thanks, worked now.
retronk22 May, 2020 00:13(Edited 22 May, 2020 00:17)
Please, add this russian translate / ips-patch:
shin_megami_tensei_1_11 by chief-net and megaten-ru
televandalist23 Jun, 2020 12:39
Rescore Plan
Original Total: 400
Rescore Total: 600

Demon Invasion (5) -> 1
Innocent Until Caught (5) -> 2
Opening the Portal (5) -> 2
Doctor Death (5) -> 3
Chaotic Alliance (5) -> 3
Orphaned (5) -> 4
Devil Summoner (5) -> 5
Damsel in Distress (5) -> 5
The Girl of My Dreams (5) -> 5
Road to the Heavens (5) -> 5
Road to the Abyss (5) -> 5
I am the Master (5) -> 5
Land of the Dead (5) -> 5
Back to Earth (5) -> 5
Demonic Fusion (5) -> 5
A Soft-Hearted Team (5) -> 5
Femme Fatale (5) -> 5
Demon in a Jar (5) -> 5
Black Baron (5) -> 5
The Mad Scientist (5) -> 5
Sentenced to Death (5) -> 5
Doing the Devils Work (5) -> 5
The Jailer (5) -> 5
Lord Yama Downfall (5) -> 5
The Golden Apple (5) -> 5
The Nymph (5) -> 5
The Messian (5) -> 10
The Archangel (5) -> 10
The Gaian (5) -> 10
Above Good and Evil (10) -> 10
True Neutral (5) -> 10
Turtle Rider (5) -> 10
Octopus Rider (5) -> 10
The Four Heavenly Kings (5) -> 10
The Preserver (5) -> 10
The Demon King and his Son (5) -> 10
Total Annihilation (5) -> 10
The Flame of God (5) -> 10
The Left Hand of God (5) -> 10
The Guardian of the Tree of Life (5) -> 10
Commander of Messians Army (10) -> 10
Ruler of Muspelheim (5) -> 10
Duke of Hell (5) -> 10
The Fierce Lion (5) -> 10
Lord Asura (10) -> 10
Mission Impossible (10) -> 10
Lawful Good (10) -> 25
Chaotic Evil (10) -> 25
True Neutral (10) -> 25
Memory Upgrade I (5) -> 5
The Evil Summoner (5) -> 5
To the Rescue (5) -> 5
Until we Meet Again my Love (5) -> 5
Memory Upgrade II (5) -> 5
Memory Upgrade III (5) -> 10
Demon Summoner (5) -> 5
Grass-cutting Sword (5) -> 5
Demon Summoner II (5) -> 5
Demon Summoner III (5) -> 5
Demon Summoner IV (5) -> 10
Tyrant Beelzebub (5) -> 10
Lord of Flies (5) -> 10
Masakado's Katana (10) -> 25
A Sword from Heavens (10) -> 25
Kurikara's Blade (10) -> 25
Junior Summoner (5) -> 5
Advanced Summoner (5) -> 10
High Summoner (5) -> 10
Master Summoner (10) -> 25
MelonBread25 Oct, 2021 03:02
IS there any way we can mark what achievements are "missible"
Altomar25 Oct, 2021 03:15
You will know which ones are missable if they have an alignment requirement on the description. If you want to avoid playing the game three times save your game before you attempt each one of them and just change your alignment. There is a point of no return were you can't change your alignment any more near the end of the game. You have to also keep a save at that point if you want to make your life easier and go after all three endings.
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