๐Ÿ“ฐ June's RANews is out! ๐Ÿ“ฐ

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June 5 2021, 11:30am, edited June 7 2021, 2:06pm

The June's issue of RANews is out!


Here's what to expect from it...

Featured articles:
- How to contribute if you don't want to be an achievement creator (spoiler: there's A LOT of ways)
- We're starting the DevNews segment with StingX2 talking about the DevQuests
- I share my tips about how to research a game to get ideas for an interesting achievement set (it's targeted for non-devs too!).
- ikki5 share his old memories and why "Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves" is a cool NES game.
- A guide for Bomberman Quest (GBC) by Nepiki
- StingX2 officially starts the Top Masteries, with the champions of each console.
- SporyTike wants you fix the mess Baby Bowser made in Yoshi's Island in a "Spot The Difference" challenge.

And the already traditional articles:
- mini-articles where community members talk about their favorite sets and why you should play them.
- a list of the current open gaming events.
- a list of the brand new sets released over the last month.
- statistics about the top 300 players of the site and how they progressed.
- a list of the most wanted games with no achievement sets yet.
- a list of all the revisions and rescores that happened over the last month.
- a list of all game icons and badges updates

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June 7 2021, 3:50pm, edited March 16 2023, 8:27pm

- i liked ikki's article on robin hood, and would like to see play this set articles be expanded to be more like that, at least in terms of the format (adding pictures of the game makes it more interesting to read instead of just having it be giant blocks of text)

- for top masteries, why are hacks excluded for n64 and snes but not on other consoles? seems wierd to allow stuff like megaman and pokemon that have the potential to have just as many hacks.

- why are pokemon mini and virtual boy leaderboards being retired? they have a small library but there's always new homebrew being produced for these consoles and not all of the games even have masteries yet.

- why no pc-88? I understand that consoles with 25 games or less weren't included but it's pretty close at 20+ and that's way more sets than pokemon mini, virtual boy, saturn, etc that are included.


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June 7 2021, 4:26pm

I agree, the Retro Throwback article looked great with the added images, nice job ikki5


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June 7 2021, 5:11pm

If people wish to expand them they are welcome too

Because hacks just dominate those categories, shinx will send you what they look like. Maybe someday hack will get their own id and family /wishfulthinking

They will get retired if we have a top 25 consisting of max masteries and then no one can get on, the second a game comes out they could come back. This future scenario wouldn't be for awhile but this feature might cause people to get VB or mini crazy

Saturn has 28 sets which is more than 25

pc88 will get included once it hits 25 sets

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June 7 2021, 5:19pm, edited March 16 2023, 8:27pm

I disagree with hacks having their own console id exclusively for the fact that it would make them a pain to add to the site and would require going through admins. I'm mostly just worried that a bunch of people's leaderboard spot is going to get wiped in the future when there's too many smb1 and megaman hacks. Should just have them be split now and save the headache later.

Alright, i get what you meant by retiring them now. Didn't really need that part honestly it just confused me. Seems obvious once top 25 is exclusively people that mastered every game no one else can get on

didn't realize saturn had so many sets, bl4h and tele did a ton since i last checked i guess. My bad.

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June 7 2021, 8:10pm

For the next issue I'm gonna try to find a way to highlight that people can send images to be posted together in their play-this-set articles.

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June 7 2021, 11:04pm

Hey I was thinking for the Most Wanted lists, what if there was an indicator for the games that currently have a set in development? Could be something like typing them out in a different color. Just something so that you can see at a glance which games are being worked on and which ones are waiting for someone to pick them up.

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June 10 2021, 7:07am

I was sceptical at first but Retro Throwback turned out very good write up. Thanks ikki5!
The photo in the end is great.

Other than that Play This Set is kinda meh this month and Hot Cheevs is hack over hack over hack. And Watara. And Virtual Boy.. I really hope that RA has at least one VB fan and that he is happy now..

Meanwhile another very very mediocre Indiana Jones game is getting the set while the best of 8-16bit era Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, The (NES) Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, The (NES) still ignored :(


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June 17 2021, 9:55am, edited June 17 2021, 10:07am

I absolutely love these, I want to be able to go back and see the cover art more on these 'zines, they're truly beautiful <3

If I can provide any actual feedback - on the landing page, the two boxes at the bottom didn't feel like they were what I wanted (they feel like "alternative" things to click), the bottom right is the one I actually wanted to be clicking on - clicking on the image also didn't "open" the magazine. This is all "don't make me think" stuff, and is because I'm lazy. Maybe if the button on the right was green, or if it just said "open" or something, I don't know.

My favourite bit is 'play this set', I played all the way through Sonic 40mb as a result and loved it. Would love to see more images (which I know is a bit of a awkward call legally).

Loving it all though. 'Play this set' reminds me of the discord channel #achievement-news

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