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🏅 Change In The Site Rank 🏅

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Posted: 26 May, 2021 09:19
Last Edit: 26 May, 2021 09:24

Beginning today users with less than 500 points won't be included in the Global Ranking.

You'll mostly notice this in the "Site Rank" info on user profile pages.

Reasoning behind this change:

We want to make the global ranking more accurate by not counting users who just create an account to try RetroAchievements for a couple of days and then vanish.

The minimum of 500 points represents less than an average mastered set, and we think it's a reasonably fair entry point to define a user as "engaged enough to be in the ranking".

Thanks Searo-man for implementing it!
Posted: 26 May, 2021 10:29
Last Edit: 26 May, 2021 11:28

That’s great. I’ve only joined this site a few weeks ago and found it a bit annoying that I was already in the top 13% now. Didn’t feel like I’d worked for it. Good job 👍
Posted: 26 May, 2021 10:55

Great change!
Posted: 26 May, 2021 11:01

That explains it! At first I thought y'all had purged a bunch of users, but this makes more sense.
Posted: 26 May, 2021 15:35

Finally I can see (Top #%) that isn't just 1 and 2!
Posted: 26 May, 2021 16:14

would it be possible to have below 1% as a top% so if you are below 1% it would be like 0.9% or 0.7 and even take it further for like say voice is 5% but ben is like 4.8%
Posted: 26 May, 2021 16:25

It would be cool to see a more defined amount.
Posted: 26 May, 2021 16:38

Didn't you guys just describe site rank :D
Posted: 26 May, 2021 16:50

Big brain stuff right there man
Posted: 26 May, 2021 20:39

Mainly cosmetical change but logical. There must be many dead accounts on the site
Posted: 26 May, 2021 23:16

Hardly cosmetic. It took the number of leaderboard participants from 98k to 29k. Quite a big difference.
Posted: 26 May, 2021 23:27

But I guess none of the inactive accounts will argue about this change
Posted: 27 May, 2021 00:16

Top, longue vie à R.A. !
Posted: 27 May, 2021 03:15

When I saw that I down to 2% and that there were less than 30 000 users, I was afraid ! I thought the site had been hacked and our accounts will be deleted little by little !

My little heart...

Otherwise, it's a great thing, it will make it "more readable" (in the sense of our progress), the 500 points limit is pretty honest. Keep up the good work... i will try to go again to the top 1% ;)
Posted: 27 May, 2021 10:17

I think this change is for the good.
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