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Grand Theft Auto: London 1969

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Hotscrock24 May, 2021 03:02(Edited 24 May, 2021 03:25)
Official Topic Post for discussion about Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 (PlayStation) Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 (PlayStation)
Created 24 May, 2021 03:02 by Hotscrock

Grand Theft Auto: Mission Pack #1: London 1969 (USA) [SLUS_008.46]
RA Checksum: 6aea2e481b895bcf04ad2af7489a95c7
CRC32: e05c3d2f

Hotscrock24 May, 2021 03:08
Claiming this one to complete the PS1 GTA Trilogy. Plan will be posted soon.
Since this game is basically a DLC, it requires the first GTA disc to boot the game so a m3u file probably will be required to play it. The memory behavior is similar to the first game so it shouldn't be take so long like the other two.
LeftyGuitar01 Jun, 2021 03:12
Wasn't there a 1961 pack too? Just checked, it was only for PC.
danilofent9707 Jun, 2021 16:35(Edited 07 Jun, 2021 16:35)
Awsome! Looking foward for this set, man! Tks!
Hotscrock23 Aug, 2021 14:11
Renewing it. Very slow progress on the last couple months but I plan to resume it soon.
voiceofautumn23 Aug, 2021 14:27
Keep up the good work :)
Hotscrock25 Nov, 2021 20:17
Renewing once more. Busy atm but trying to find time to work on it.
LeftyGuitar20 Dec, 2021 03:52
Hope this gets a set. Good luck.
Hotscrock25 Feb, 2022 14:23
Last renewal. Currently 40% done, basically still have to do mission achievemens and the badges.
lovelessrapture19 Mar, 2022 20:20(Edited 19 Mar, 2022 20:38)
Thanks for working on this, loved this game back in the day and would really love to see a set for it

Edit: Also you mentioned you're using the version that requires GTA1 to boot, but isn't there a standalone version of GTA London that existed and boots on its own?
woifi03 Apr, 2022 19:40
You are talking about the Special Edition, it exists but it is PAL only - memory in the PAL version can be different and another "problem" would be language support for the achievements.
Hotscrock23 May, 2022 02:33
Due to my inactivity on RA last year some projects were piled up and I am still catchin up on stuff that is happening.
My claim deadline is this week and I will try to publish in time, but it's possible that it will take a bit more to properly test everything. Since the original claim is about to complete one year I will post the current progress just in case I can't finish in time.

Original Plan - 60 achievements - Currently 19 are at Unofficial
Weapons [4] - Already coded and tested, only badges need to be done.
Items [3] - Already coded and tested, only badges need to be done.
9 lives [1] - Already coded and tested, only badges need to be done.
9x multiplier [1] - Already coded and tested, only badges need to be done.
Stunts [5] - Already coded and tested, only badges need to be done.
Mission completion [40] - Currently working on it. 5/50 already coded.
Secrets [3] - All code notes needed already found, still need to be coded
Level completion [3] - Not started yet

Hotscrock25 May, 2022 05:19(Edited 25 May, 2022 05:20)
Set was released (after one year as usual for my GTA releases)
Currently it supports only the USA version, so the original GTA is necessary to boot the game, preferably on a m3u file.
There are future plans to add compatibility to Europe Standalone version, but as the other GTAs the memory is not exactly friendly so it may depend on the issues that may appear with tickets and how it can be patched.

retronuc25 May, 2022 22:55
Hotscrock - There's a patch available that allows the US version to be played standalone without disc swapping, would love it if you could check memory compatibility and link the hash!
Soulsderfuchs26 May, 2022 00:28
That patch is very unstable and according to my testing only works on ePSXe, which leads me to believe it wasn't well made as it relies on the inaccuracy of this emulator. All the libretro cores that we use have a degree of accuracy and this straight up doesn't work.
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