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What is DevQuest?
It's simple: They're achievement development-related QUESTS that act like an MMO. These quests do not have a time limit, and by completing each one you earn a site badge. You can start a quest today, one week later, or even three months later: they will still be there for you!

How do I mark my progress?
A document will be created for you to fill out as a participant. Upon completion of a quest, DevQuest will verify that you have completed the quest’s requirements, and you will be awarded the site badge for it.

When will new quests be created?
New quests will be added when deemed necessary by DevQuest, You will probably get a ping/notification when this is done.

Is anything retroactive?
Except Vet Dev time and work you put in, no. The goal of dev events even at their core was to help clean the site.

Can we suggest quests?
DM DevQuest the idea and it will be discussed and voted upon as a group.

General DevQuest Rules:
1. For Set-Creation achievements other than DQ15, please announce your DQ pick in devquest or via the DevQuest inbox on site early on in your development. This will give us time to make sure any issues with the choice can be sorted out early. Late requests may not count.
2. For Maintenance achievements (i.e.: DQ1, DQ5, DQ14, etc), just create a column in the DevQuest Remastered sheet to the left of completed entries and fill it in as you work. Contact the DevQuest team when you are complete with all entries for review.
3. For Revision achievements (i.e.: DQ2 and DQ13), make sure your choice is already on the corresponding approved list. You will need to satisfy the repair plan. These quests should be more than simple one-achievement revisions. If a repair plan seems to be overly simple, contact us first to ensure it will qualify.
4. Unless otherwise stated in a DevQuest's description, collaborations are not allowed.
5. Standard set quality or better is expected for DevQuest sets. If a set appears to be of insufficient effort or a copy/paste set, it may be rejected at the DevQuest team's discretion. The DevQuest team is happy to suggest improvements for qualification.
6. New sets may only be applied towards one DevQuest. No double-dipping.


QUEST #001: [DevQuest 001] Ticket Massacre (Events) [DevQuest 001] Ticket Massacre (Events)
Goal: Resolve/Close 50 tickets and get the badge (please mark the ticket you are working on in doc and in #tickets-cleanup )
1.Bold warning here that falsifying ticket closures will result in a long talk with Developer Compliance
3.Network Issue tickets do not count but please close these terrible tickets anyway out of the kindness of your heart
4.These must be new tickets closed/fixed.
5.Tickets cannot be YOUR tickets or tickets you edited for someone else before
6.You must document each ticket you solve in provided doc under your name.
7.Whenever you reach 50, contact DevQuest


QUEST #002: [DevQuest 002] Retro Renovator (Events) [DevQuest 002] Retro Renovator (Events)
Goal: Fix 3 Sets from Provided Batch (It will be refilled)
1. Pick a game from the list of approved DQ2 sets, and then post your claim to the devquest channel on discord or send to DevQuest for a quick sit down
2. Make the revision claims as usual procedure
3. Resolve any open tickets for achievements kept in the set. Tickets for achievements being left demoted can be simply closed with reason of demotion cited.
4. Revisions must fix everything specified in the repair plan. Contact the DevQuest team for any clarifications to what is included in the repair plan.
5. If you have any questions, contact DevQuest to try and improve plan.
6. When the set is ready, mark it down on the doc under your name to be signed off by DevQuest

If you identify a set you believe should qualify for DQ2, notify the DevQuest team for addition to the list and development of a repair plan prior to claiming. All claims must be on the list.


QUEST #003: [DevQuest 003] Singles in Your Area (Events) [DevQuest 003] Singles in Your Area (Events)
Goal: Fix 20 achievements to make them not just single condition achievements
1. If developer is active must get permission first
2. This is a chance to tighten the code up, do not just add a bad line of code
3. You do not need a revision vote to tighten


QUEST #004: [DevQuest 004] Veteran Developer (Events) [DevQuest 004] Veteran Developer (Events)
Goal: Several passive goals related to achievement development
1. Info on the entry page and forum topic.


QUEST #005: [DevQuest 005] Trigger Happy (Events) [DevQuest 005] Trigger Happy (Events)
Goal: Update 20 sets with the Trigger and Measured flags.
Note: IF applicable. Do not use it if there is no instance that applies
1. If developer is active must get permission first
2. Must put measured and/or triggered where it makes sense
4. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS ON SET PAGE for what you changed for log purposes

There is no list for this quest. I estimate we have 2500 + sets without this


QUEST #006: [DevQuest 006] The Unwanted (Events) [DevQuest 006] The Unwanted (Events)
Goal: Develop a set for an unpopular system assigned to you at random (No Hacks or Homebrews)
1. You must have an open claim as you will need to claim your set
2. Must be a full set, not just progression. Badges will be denied to those who make incomplete sets.
3. The only exception to "No Hacks or Homebrew" is if the system only has those kind of titles left
4. There are two ways to be eligible for a re-spin:
- The first is if your selected console is Atari Jaguar, Sega 32X, or Sega Saturn. The first two are fairly problematic to dev for and the last is a resource hog that many people have trouble running just to play, much less dev a set.
- The second is if your claim expires or you drop your claim. The penalty for dropping a set is still having to wait until the claim would have expired before getting a re-spin. For example, if you claim a set on September 1st and drop it on November 1st, you'll still need to wait until December 1st before the re-spin. Oh, and you can only do this once. <3

How it Works: You'll request in #devquest to spin the wheel. He'll then reveal with a cool gif what you are gonna dev. After that you are locked in unless it's one of the systems we have marked with a *, in which case you can re-roll.

Eligible Systems:
PC Engine / PC Engine CD
Sega CD
32X *
Atari Lynx
Neo Geo Pocket/Neo Geo Pocket Color
Game Gear
Atari Jaguar *
Apple II
Atari 7800
Wonderswan/Wonderswan Color
Amstrad CPC
Master System


QUEST #007: [DevQuest 007] Most Wanted (Events) [DevQuest 007] Most Wanted (Events)
Goal: Develop a set for one of the most requested sets on the site that appears in RANEWS once you claim it, you're good, even if it falls off the list.
1. You must have an open claim as you will need to claim your set.
2. Must be a full set, not just progression. Badges will be denied to those who make incomplete sets.
3. If you already have one claimed you must be under 50% progress for it to count
4. Must lock in your claim by posting to the devquest channel on discord or sending a message to the DevQuest account.
5. Any games listed in the console specific bonus section in RANEWS will only be eligible to be claimed in the month it was featured in but the set doesn't need to be released in the same month.


QUEST #008: [DevQuest 008] World Traveler (Events) [DevQuest 008] World Traveler (Events)
Goal: Develop two sets for games that were never released officially in English.
1. All claims intended for this quest must follow normal procedure.
2. They must be full sets. Fodder for the Progression Only hub won't count towards the badge.
3. If you already have a suitable game claimed, your progress must be under 50% complete to count towards the quest.
4. Any sets intended for World Traveler will not stack with any other quests based around developing new content.
5. Games that possess English translation patches do count towards the quest.
6. Hacks and homebrew do not count towards the quest. Unlicensed titles might count as long as they aren't blatant bootleg ports or hacks of another game. If you're unsure if a game is valid, contact DevQuest
7. Once your sets are finished, run it by DevQuest so your progress can be marked as complete.


QUEST #009: [DevQuest 009] Launch Party! (Events) [DevQuest 009] Launch Party! (Events)
Goal: Develop and publish a set for a newly supported console within 6 months of its release.
1. Game should be a licensed retail release.
2. Must be a complete set.
3. Dreamcast promotion window: 2022-02-12 through 2022-08-12.
4. Amstrad CPC promotion window: 2022-03-28 through 2022-09-28.
5. Arduboy and WASM-4 promotion window: 2022-05-08 through 2022-11-08.


QUEST #010: [DevQuest 010] It Takes Two (Events) [DevQuest 010] It Takes Two (Events)
Goal: Join forces with another developer to publish sets for two games.
1. Set must have a fair share of the work done by each dev - Sets like Animal Crossing DS would not be approved.
2. Must be a full set covering every aspect of the game
3. Each Dev must publish at least 20 achievements each.
4. Achievements must make sense, no fluff to fulfill requirement.
5. Must Follow Dev CoC as per usual.


QUEST #011: [DevQuest 011] The Genesis of RA (Events) [DevQuest 011] The Genesis of RA (Events)
Goal: Develop a set for the Mega Drive/Genesis to celebrate RA's first achievement!
1. All claims intended for this quest must follow normal procedure.
2. Must be full sets or a major/significant revision.
3. Sega CD and Sega 32X games are not eligible.
4. No prototypes or hacks.
5. Quest is available year round.
6. If you already have one claimed you must be under 50% progress for it to count.
7. Collabs are allowed so long as the work is visibly split.
8. Not stackable with other quests and not retroactive!


QUEST #012: [DevQuest 012] Hacker's Habit (Events) [DevQuest 012] Hacker's Habit (Events)
Goal: Create two new sets for robust hacks.
1. Sets intended for this quest must be complete and encompass all notable content specific to the hack.
2. Acceptable hacks must be either complete overhauls that drastically change the level design, or introduce new mechanics that greatly change how you progress through the game.
3. Meme hacks, single-level hacks, and other small modifications aren't eligible.
4. You're limited to one hack per franchise. As an example, if you create a set for an SMW or Mega Man 2 hack, you can't make a second one for SM64 or Mega Man 3.
5. Doesn't stack with other quests.


QUEST #013: [DevQuest 013] (Events) [DevQuest 013] (Events)
Goal: Provide significant content to three sets that are progression only or missing content
1. Choose from a provided list or grab one from a hub, just make sure you let us know when you start so we can mark it!
2. Must go through the revision process as per usual!
3. Make sure you take care with the set and don't just throw in a bunch of filler
4. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestion


QUEST #014: [DevQuest 014] Laudable Leaderboards (Events) [DevQuest 014] Laudable Leaderboards (Events)
Goal: Create leaderboards for 10 games that currently do not have any!
1. Cover different game modes/difficulties when applicable.
2. Try to cover leaderboards that make sense for the game. Some examples:
- For Arcade-type games it is fine to just add High Score leaderboards, possibly highest in a single life
- For Racing games time trials for tracks are pretty standard
- Speedruns for Platformers
- Minigames that track high scores or time are good candidates
- And so on. Reach out if you have any questions about a specific game
3. You can do your own sets for half-credit as long as they were published prior to this DevQuest (2022-03-02)
4. Please leave comments on set page for what you added for log purposes


QUEST #015: [DevQuest 015] Console Conqueror (Events) [DevQuest 015] Console Conqueror (Events)
Goal: Publish a set for every supported console on RetroAchievements
1. Each console ID will have an achievement associated with it. Newly supported console IDs means new achievements!
2. Contact us to opt-in to being tracked for this. There will generally be no need for reports.
3. The only requirement for an unlock is that you are the sole or majority developer of a set on that console ID. Collabs require at least 20 achievements made. For the more dire consoles, specific requirements are in the achievements themselves.
4. This DevQuest is 100% retroactive! Potential future revisions of your work will not count against you, so no worries about losing eligibility for an unlock.


QUEST #016: [DevQuest 016] Wish This Set (Events) [DevQuest 016] Wish This Set (Events)

Goal: Publish a set for a game that has been featured in RANews' Wish This Set feature at any point in time and does not currently have a set in core.
1. All claims intended for this quest must follow normal procedure. Collabs are fine as long as both contribute equally to the set.
2. Must be full sets containing all content and challenges appropriate to the game.
3. The person that wrote the Wish This Set cannot be one of the devs making the set.
4. Quest is available year round, and gets new games eligible every release of RANEWS
5. If you already have one claimed you must be under 50% progress for it to count.
6. Once a game has been featured it remains eligible until the game gets a set.
7. This does not stack with any other quests.


QUEST #017: RA World Cup

Goal: Publish 2 Sets for 2 different sports games, 1 must be a physical sport
1. That means Baseball + Football is a good mix but Baseball + Baseball is not
2. All claims intended for this quest must follow normal procedure.
3. This does not stack with any other quests.
4. Must be full sets containing all content and challenges appropriate to the game.
5. If you already have one claimed you must be under 50% progress for it to count.
6. No Homebrew/Hacks/Unlicensed
7. New sets only: No Multi Set or Revisions
8. Other picks are subject to DQ team approval if they fall on the 50/50 line
9. Collaborations must be approved by the DevQuest team; games done via collaboration must have sufficient content or game modes to justify qualifying.

Examples: Basketball, American Football, Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, Frisbee, Boxing, Billiards, Chess, Checkers, Track and Field, Olympics etc etc
It must be a sport with competition!

Not Eligible: DDR, Board Games like Monopoly, Fighting Games
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DevQuest18 May, 2021 05:59(Edited 29 Apr, 2022 01:38)
DevQuest18 May, 2021 06:00(Edited 29 Apr, 2022 01:38)
Reserved - (I'll make the first post prettier soon-ish)
hull31 May, 2021 06:00
Just an idea for a badge design

HolyShinx31 May, 2021 11:08
It needs to be a proper 96x96 size to be a badge
hull31 May, 2021 18:05
Seems i was wrong thinking that the joke is obvious^^
Alexdatadestroyer09 Jul, 2021 10:32(Edited 09 Jul, 2021 11:30)
Why no Portuguese translation about DevQuest information? It's originated from Latin like Spanish is! C'mon! :(

Countryball meme:
Spoiler (Click to show)

From left to right: Mozambique, Angola, Portugal, Brazil and Cape Verde.
televandalist09 Jul, 2021 15:29
Because no one wrote one...
4aiman06 Aug, 2021 14:48
Nice events you have here, yet, to become a dev one needs to... do what? :D
meleu08 Aug, 2021 19:21

This doc page here is a nice place to start:

StingX204 Sep, 2021 11:49
Devquest 8 is live!
televandalist26 Nov, 2021 23:10
After some discussions and votes, some addendums were made to a couple DevQuests:

[DevQuest 006] The Unwanted (Events) [DevQuest 006] The Unwanted (Events) - Intellivision was removed from automatic re-spin eligibility. Updates to the core resolved the issues that made it eligible before. Also, a dev can now re-spin ONCE if their claim expires or if they drop the set. However, if they drop the set, they will still need to wait until the claim would have expired. For example: Claim is made on September 1st and then dropped on November 1st. The re-spin would still need to wait until December 1st. Remember that this can only happen once so choose wisely. Why the penalty? Because it keeps someone from doing re-spins until they get what they want, which is the exact opposite of what the DevQuest is about :)

[DevQuest 011] The Genesis of RA (Events) [DevQuest 011] The Genesis of RA (Events) - Yes, there's still a lot of Mega Drive/Genesis games that don't have sets, but considering it was the first supported console on RA, there are still tons of sets that are in dire need of repair and/or expansion. For this reason, major/significant revisions are acceptable for this DevQuest. Collabs are also acceptable, but they will not stack with DevQuest 10.

ReiKaz08 Aug, 2022 03:52
[DevQuest 017] RA World Cup (Events) [DevQuest 017] RA World Cup (Events) how about this game NBA Live 2001 (PlayStation) NBA Live 2001 (PlayStation) fellas?!
This event is probably only one and last chance for this game to get achievements :)

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