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Mario no Super Picross


Posted: 11 Nov, 2014 03:08
Last Edit: 11 Apr, 2018 04:38
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Created 11 Nov, 2014 03:08 by

1. Mario no Super Picross (Japan).sfc
Mario no Super Picross (J) [!].sfc
RA Checksum: 34255c940ffdafa25235a7b3c9093186
CRC32 Checksum: F64C5AA0

2. Mario no Super Picross (J) [b1].sfc
RA Checksum: a38f7575e15258a7dfe2faae7638a2d6
CRC32 Checksum: F92C444E


Posted: 11 Nov, 2014 03:10
Ignore the current badge icons for now ...
I'm going to have to do some extra work to get some awesome badge icons.. Having to disable layers to
get some background images and whatnot. Mario Picross isn't much for visuals, So I'll gather some
cropped images and upload them as soon as I can.

Posted: 19 Nov, 2014 14:31
This game was fun to play through ^_^
Can't wait until the remaining Wario stages get achievements as well.

Posted: 19 Nov, 2014 21:31
Haha, I haven't even gotten that far. I was going hardcore on this one level but I got something wrong and it completely messed up the entire puzzle.. haven't went back since.

I'll get on the remaining few when I get a chance... I'm running out of badges that I can use though... very little graphics in this game.

Posted: 21 Feb, 2015 17:57
Last Edit: 22 Feb, 2015 10:14
Any updates on the progress for further Wario achievements? I don't want to work on this game any further (because I have to delete my save file to get the Smug Pixel one due to my time being at 0:00), if more are going to be added.

Posted: 22 Jun, 2015 19:23
Smug Little Pixel is bugged, it will only unlock if you have also beaten wario 2-A (0x0007b6 set to 1 should be removed.)

Posted: 12 Oct, 2015 12:00
Fixed to check for Wario 1A instead of 2A and to work with 0 seconds best time, you can load a file with the 0 second best time to get it now.

Posted: 14 Oct, 2015 15:32
Last Edit: 14 Oct, 2015 18:00
Finished the set and should have achievements for every single puzzle, let me know if I missed anything.

I changed all titles and badges so they aren't so repetitive. They also didn't really make sense, since "master" and "rookie"'s only differences were just doing another line of puzzles that aren't particularly any harder (for the most part) first. I think an entire set of puns and references beats that. I also changed the points value for all achievements to better reflect difficulties, mostly relative to sizes of the puzzle, as well as changed descriptions to correct grammar.

Things To Do:
-Rich Presence
-Reorganize Achievements
-Look into leaderboards

Posted: 15 Oct, 2015 09:27
New set looks good, will try to get back to this game to see if all works well, good work :)

Posted: 15 Oct, 2015 15:04
Last Edit: 15 Oct, 2015 16:29
Wow, great update! These achievements are so much better than before. Thanks for your work, Dexterspet :)

The game itself is a bit easy so far (I'm a huge Picross nerd ^^) but very enjoyable nonetheless. Now, do you think it would be possible for you to look into Mario's Picross on the GB as well? It's one of the most played games of my childhood and it really really needs a couple more decent achievements (a full 400 points set would be nice). When I played around with RAVBA I did find a couple of interesting RAM values, however I'm simply too inexperienced to turn them into achievements.

Posted: 31 Jan, 2016 04:29
Thanks Dexterspet for completing this set that I forgot about.

Posted: 19 Aug, 2019 09:11
Last Edit: 21 Aug, 2019 03:56
For a Rescoring I suggest next score for each set of 4 puzzle:
5x5 pixels = 1 point for Mario puzzles / 1 for Wario
10x10 = 2 / 3
15x15 = 3 / 5
20x20 = 5 / 10
20x25 = 10 / 25
Mario's puzzle is much easier because of a good start from 2 free rows.

Posted: 20 Oct, 2020 16:46
Hello !

Got a small problem... I've got the trigger for the Mario Variety show in RA but the site doesn't count. Try twice in a single session and... nothing...


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