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A note about game claims

Posted: 03 May, 2021 14:24
Last Edit: 03 May, 2021 14:42
To make the job easier for everyone, we’ll start to be more stricter about claim posts. Prior to the DevCoc update, these requirements were already in place, but not always enforced, so we recently made an adjustment to the rules section and what is written now will be applied without exception. Basically, we only ask to make the claims visible enough, since the process is not yet automatic and requires a manual search that can easily lead to disregarding the claims due to the lack of clarity in the posts. We understand sometimes people have more to say about the game, but in those cases please post it separately and keep the claim post as clear as possible.

So basically that's what we expected from claim posts from now on:

- Make a short post for the claim. If necessary to be longer start the post stating the game will be claimed:

I'll kindly claim this®

I want to work on a set for this game

plan so far:
-beating the game on hard
-beating the game with specific character
-deathless run
-maybe a few challenge achievements
and if it's possible maybe beating levels without taking damage

I'd like to create achievements for this game, plan will be posted soon

Claims that will no longer be considerated as valid:

- First post claims:
Official Topic Post for discussion about Game (Platform)
Created Today, Now by someone


I will work on this game

- Edited claims using previous posts like "Wow! This game is cool," and repurpose them to work as a claim.

- Claims buried on text walls:
I first played this game in 1990, since then I had lots of fun exploring it, blah blah blah, and because of that I plan to work on this game, blah blah blah and I hope in the future the sequel of this game on Playstation 6 can have achievements also.

Thanks for your understanding.
Posted: 03 May, 2021 14:53
Last Edit: 03 May, 2021 19:33
Missed opportunity to hide this inside a claim post.
Posted: 03 May, 2021 16:48
Posted: 03 May, 2021 20:25
I'll kindly claim this®
Posted: 04 May, 2021 08:25
I want to work on a set for this post

plan so far:
-commenting on incognito
-commenting with specific browser
-banless run
-maybe a few bbcode achievements
and if it's possible maybe commenting without making typos
Posted: 05 May, 2021 00:11
Glad to see everyone got the message :)
Posted: 07 May, 2021 17:14
Last Edit: 10 May, 2021 16:07
I'll kindly claim this®

Err... I expect this one to give some issues :p It seems to have a ® symbol there which will force everyone to post a following statement below to avoid lawsuits later:

Legal Disclaimer:
Spoiler (Click to show):
I'll kindly claim this® is a registered trademark of voiceofautumn, member of community©

US Pattent n°. NaN.

Unauthorized reproduction of the following trademark is strictly proihibited, unless if given permission.

Copyright © 2012-2021 All Rights Reserved.

- This post is under fair use:

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act in 1976; Allowance is made for "Fair Use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research.

Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Too many declarations and I don't want to be sued at all! So, better to use other options xD

Jokes aside, I will edit my claim posts soon!

Ow Hotscrock, eu não sei se esse ® aí tá certo pra indicar marca registrada estrangeira, hein xD Se não me engano, acho que isso só se aplica aqui no Brasil. Sei lá...

Pros estrangeiros, ao menos se tratando de Estados Unidos, acho que seria o ™ mesmo, mas ainda tenho dúvidas... :v

PS: Eu notei que era zoeira. Só fiquei me perguntando disso mesmo xD
Posted: 09 May, 2021 19:18
Last Edit: 09 May, 2021 19:19
Hots does this also pertain to what i asked you in the past where if a dev has been working on a set for an extended amount of time (3 claims or more) do they have to post updates on what they are doing instead of just reclaiming it and not posting any updates or just claiming it and letting it set (holding up a claim). There are devs that do that not naming names but would that also be covered under this new post you made.
Posted: 10 May, 2021 15:42
Sim, Alex. Eu tava só de zuera, e a marca registrada é das reservas do voiceofautumn, não é do Scott xD
English version for voice:
Yes, Alex. I was just kidding, and the claim trademark is from voiceofautumn, it's not from Scott xD
Posted: 10 May, 2021 15:48
Haruda, those claim extensions are negotiated between the involved developers and the staff. The claim list is open for public access here, so you can see there are onlyy one case of an extended claim for more than one year that was legally renewed through progress report recently. If you have a concrete case of something that is being mishandled you are free to contact RAdmin. Discussions about sets being supposedly locked won't happen publically at forums.
Posted: 10 May, 2021 16:03
Last Edit: 10 May, 2021 16:07

Ah sim. Entendi! Editei lá pra evitar processo da Voz do Outono... Ao menos o local não deixa de ser o Retro Achievements xD
Posted: 10 May, 2021 20:23
Obrigado por essa informação


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